Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What's wrong with Kei and Dice-k?

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To be honest,I haven't heard Kei before Yankees sign him,but Dice-K is very famous in whole Asian countries.Other asian teams always can't do anything with Dice-k.The difference between Kei and Dice-K is stuff.Dice-K have much better fastball.That's why Dice-K have better outing (Not much better in my opinion)so far than Kei.Under my observation,there is only one problem for Dice-k and Kei.

In my opinion,Most asian pitchers can't transfer to mlb successfully for the sample reason.They don't have enough stuff,especially fast ball.There are too many power hitters in the big and they will kill them.

First of all,I want to talk about some Asian baseball background. I have been watched asian baseball games for a while before I start watching major league baseball game.In Asian,Three countries have strong baseball teams.First place is Japan.Second Place is Korea or Taiwan.

There is big difference between Asian baseball and MLB.In Asian,we don't have too many power pitchers and power hitters.A lot of pitchers in asian always like to have all kind of different pitches.For example,Dice-K have 6 or 7 pitches.They like to use all kind of different pitches no matter what kind of pitch counts they are in.They don't like to walk people but they don't mind as well.They always like to paint the corner,especially for Japanese pitchers,they always have great command on their pitches.

You probably will yell at me"What?""great command?"Dice-K and Kei walk too many people.That's their problem.They don't have confident on their stuff,so they try to aim the corner and then miss it.Asian pitchers sometimes will get away with some mistakes when they pitch in asian.if they make a mistake in big,they get killed.(Plus free pass)

In my opinion,if kei can regain his command,he will be a good No.5 pitcher in the big.He will have horrible outing at times if he doesn't have command.As for Dice-k,he won't be the ACE who Red Sox and most people expect.But,he will be a great No.3 starting pitcher.He won't be a bust someone hope as well,but Red Sox have to be careful about the workload he piled up in Japan.
That's huge workload we are talking about.In Asian,there is one thing in common.Coaches will do whatever to win.As a starting pitcher,all coaches expect at least 7 innings out of starting pitcher no matter how many pitch counts.Sometimes when game is on the line,coaches will let starting pitcher pitch complete game because they don't trust relief pitcher.Also they will let good starting pitcher pitch on the short day rest.

There are some reasons I think Dice-K won't be ACE.First,his fastball is a little bit straight and not fast enough to go by big league hitters if he doesn't have command at that day.Second,you can sit on specific breaking pitches he throw even though Dice-k have many different kind of breaking pitches.Dice-K is kind of pitcher rely on his breaking pitches more than fastball.He throw many kind of them to confuse hitters.Occasionally,he will throw his fastball.When he is behind pitch count,he will throw breaking ball more than fastball.Some of breaking pitches he throw on that day won't be good and then you can get him.When scout figure out his pattern and what kind of pitch he will throw when he need strike.For patience teams,Dice-K will have a lot of trouble.But for impatience teams,he will be fine because hitters will try to guess what kind of pitches he throw.That's why I think he will be great No.3 pitcher in the big.

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