Friday, May 4, 2007

Feel Good Because of two wins in a row????

OK!Todd,You got it.You're right.Yankees did won two games in a row.

I almost got all right in my prediction except Red Sox Won again in spite of Dice-K another poor performance and Lugo's terrible defense.I will say this again.Red Sox is not as good as Most people think.

I have to admit one thing.Even though I was so exhausted when I watched these two games,I feel nervous when Mo got into trouble in the second game.That is the feeling I don't have for a long time when Mo is on the mound.As you guys may notice this,there is 12 hours time difference between Taiwan and New York in US.When first game was on around 3:30pm,it was 3:30am in Taiwan.There is why I am so tired.

I believe most Yankees fans feel so good right now because Yankees sweep Texas.For me, of course, I feel good but for different reasons.

There are couple of camera shots Yesnetwork catch during broadcast is the reason let me feel good.

One shot focus on Pettitte and Wang who are talking to each other on the dugout when Mussina pitches great on the mound.This shot let me feel great.I know We lost Hughes on the first game of this series,but we have to treat Hughes as No.5 starter no matter how great he pitched in the first game.I have feeling we are in good shape as long as our big three stay healthy the rest of season.

Compare to Schilling ,Beckett and Matsuzaka,Pettitte,Wang,Mussina are not sexy names to most people.A lot of people feel Red Sox have three Aces and Yankees don't have one.I have different opinion on this.The big three of Red Sox are not stable.They have ACE potential.They will be very good someday and will be very bad someday.As Yankees Big three,they have ability to keep Yankees in the game under most situation even though they don't have their stuff on that day.They are stable.As Yankees potential offense,we will be in very good shape.

Another great shot is a lot of kids in the ballpark.They are playing around with each other and enjoy watching games.That brings me a lot of good memory.We don't see a lot of parents doing this in Taiwan.You guys brings your children to ballpark a lot in US.Having good family time is very important.Hopefully,I will see this in Taiwan as well.

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Todd Drew said...

It was a very good day. We need to keep it going tonight and we've got our Ace going on Saturday. I feel good.