Friday, May 25, 2007

Wanna know more about Taiwan and Wang???

This news just came out in Taiwan.Tourism Bureau of Taiwan cooperate with ESPN and make a program about Wang and Taiwan.There are 10 Episodes in this program.Each episode length is 2 minutes.The content is all about Wang and the place(Taiwan) he grow up.Tourism Bureau of Taiwan want more people know about Taiwan through Wang.

This program will premiere on ESPN 『Baseball Tonight』at June 9th in US.I will keep updating this news if the timetable change.If you guys are interested in and have time for that,keep eye on this program.Please let me know how you guys feel after watching this program.


Zachary Lesser said...

That's great! I'm looking forward to it. I will set my Tivo to record Baseball Tonight so that I don't miss it.

I'd love to go to Taiwan some day.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear z,
I can be your tourguide if you need one.Let me know if you come one day.

Jessica Lee said...

One more thing,It seems Tivo is so popular over there.Tivo is amazing tool.

Ben said...

We will all watch these programs, and we can discuss them here.

Big series this weekend. The Angels are tough.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Ben,
Couple of series are coming up and tough,such as Angels,Boston,Blue Jays,and White Sox.Man,Hopefully,we win all those series.

Andrea said...

Today was not such a great game--and I brought my friend visiting from Paris. It was her first baseball game ever.

She caught onto the rules pretty quickly. We walked by Wang during batting practice--I told her about how he's one of the best pitchers the Yankees have, if not the best. She said he has a nice butt. I took a picture of him--if I knew how to post it on here, I would, just for you!

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks for your compliment about Wang.I would like to see those pictures about Wang.Maybe you can send to my email and then I can post on this site for sharing to all readers to this blog.I am very appreciated.It's too bad for you for this game.The bullpen kill us today.Hopefully,Wang can win tomorrow.