Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How can they let Pettitte lose like that???

Man,My only feeling after watching Tuesday game.How can they let Pettitte lose like that???I know they are fighting for win.I can sense that during the whole game.As a fan,I say that thousands of times.That's all you can ask for.But,As a fan,you must have some favorite players in your favorite team.You are rooting them more than others players in the team.Who is yours???Pettitte,Posada,Mo,Jeter,Proctor,Wang,Melky are on my list.My heart goes to Pettitte.I say that again.How can they let Pettitte lose like that???Man.

Most lost from your team are more like result of the whole team.You feel upset or angry at the whole team.Some lost will be more than that.You feel so bad for one of player on the team,especially that player is one of your favorite players on your team.Today game is this case.I feel so bad for Pettitte who pitch his heart out.How can they let Pettitte lose like that??

I don't have to go through the details.You guys will know what I am talking about now if you guys watch game from first minute to the last minute without fast-forwarding.What I talk about is not only lack of offense but also defense.The last time I have this feeling is when Ryan Zimmerman hit a walk-off homer off Wang on June 18th 2006.


Ben said...

I think my favorite Yankees on this team are Giambi, Matsui, and Mo (because he said he could never, ever pitch for the Red Sox). And Torre. The man has gotten the Yankees to the playoffs every single year. I remember when the Yankees were out of the playoffs for fourteen straight years. I can handle this season's difficulties.

Andrea said...

You've gotta have love for the true Yankees: Mo, Jeter, Posada and of course Pettitte. There's also Wang and Matsui--who've played for other teams, but have only played in the MLB for the Yankees. I also have love for A-Rod because of his struggles--I root for the underdog. Cano and Melky are making my list as well :)

It does frustrate me when Pettitte gets robbed of a win. It sucks. He is such a great pitcher--he deserves to have his stats look like that's the truth.