Friday, May 11, 2007

It really hurts,sorry,guys,I may close this blog

Originally,I come to my blog for posting another new article until I see one reader's comment on "They are not on the best???"and "This is hailarious"I don't blame that reader and I respect everyone opinon.

You can't image how much energy I have to put on this blog,especially for someone whose English is not her first language.I have to keep checking dictionary for vocabulary and watch all the games on 1am,4am,or 7am.After watching games,I try to write something from my heart and I got somone who say to me "All the articles I wrote I copy "

For Taiwanese,we always review ourselves first when some thing go wrong.We don't try to find excuses for ourselves or blame others for that.Maybe that reader is right.I need a break to think about this.Maybe I did do that unconsciously.I read through all my articles and try to find the answer.I don't know even though I don't think I did.Like Wang's reaction after game.Taiwanese reporters ask him "Did that rundown effect your feeling?That's why you didn't pitch well"Wang said"No,I am the one to blame.I don't have command today.I don't blame any my teammates."
Wang said"We need and will work together to get this team going.I will do my best next time out"

It really hurts my feeling,Sorry,Guys,I may close this blog soon.


Andrea said...

I wonder if the person saying you copy and paste is just noticing a similar opinion/topic that you have as someone else, or if he actually thinks you copy and paste.

I mean, I think everyone is pretty excited that Wil got his first hit--that a fairly universal feeling.

I'm sorry someone thinks you copied your articles. If you did, that's not good, but if you didn't, don't let one person discourage you.

I find it really interesting to get the perspective of someone across the world, but who is watching the same thing I am.

Ben said...

Don't stop blogging, Jessica. Your point of view is original, no matter what anyone says. Sometimes you need thick skin to be a blogger. But be like Wang: don't quit.

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks,Andrea and Ben,
I am very appreciated at you guys' word.It warm my heart,but that reader's word still really hurts my feeling.I don't blame that reader or angry at him.I am very thanksful of someone did like my point of view.I believe there is big different personality between Asian people and Western people.We just don't express our feeling or opinion too much.

This is just natural stuff.I couldn't help myself not feeling hurt these few days.

I don't think I did that copy stuff.After watching game,I always post my opinion and then surf some other blogs about another Yankees fans' opinion.I always feel it's amazing there are too many same or different opinion when we all watch the same game.Hopefully,the majority of readers of this blog will feel my opinion is original.

Zachary Lesser said...

Hi Jessica,
I've been reading your blog for a while but haven't left a comment yet. Don't stop blogging! There are always people out there who will try to tear you down, but there are many more people out there who like to hear your thoughts on the Yankees. Don't let the trolls get you down!

Todd Drew said...

Don't stop because of a mean person. The Yankees need you because you provide a view into how people feel about Wang at home. We love him in the Bronx.

Carey said...


Please do not shut down your blog. The person who wrote that post about you is wrong. Why, if one person writes something negative about you, that means more than what we say, who really appreciate your view? There are more people who want you to keep blogging than that one person. IT'S JUST ONE PERSON!!!! PLEASE STAY!!!

Todd Drew said...

Everyone is waiting for your next post. Wang is starting on Wednesday in Chicago. I think he will come back strong. What do you think?

Jessica Lee said...
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Jessica Lee said...

Dear Todd,
I don't know how great Wang will pitch in that game.I always have bad luck about the game I watch.Sometimes I feel I jinx Yankees or Wang.As a Taiwanese,We always support Wang no matter how he pitch.If he pitch great,we will feel extremely happy for him.If he pitch bad,we will send all the wishes to him and root much harder next time out.

Jessica Lee said...

I type couple of terrible vocabularies.That's why I have to delete the preview post I post in this comment.Just let you guys know.