Thursday, May 10, 2007


WoW!Can you image this when we have this rotation around Mid-June?If they all stay healthy the rest of season,we will catch Red Sox.I don't believe Red Sox starting pitcher will pitch light out the rest of season.

I don't believe Josh will go 30-0.If they do,well,they deserve it.We will get our wild card.I believe Curt Schilling's and Julian Tavarez 's word "We don't need Clement" will come back and haunt them.

Let's go Yankees!!


Andrea said...

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I agree with you--I don't believe Josh Beckett can go 30-0. But, if he does, they deserve to win. Then again, that's only 30 games!

Can you watch all the games in Taiwan?

Jessica Lee said...

thanks,I am very appreciated for visit my blog.

Yes,We can watch almost all yankees games since Wang came out to the big.

Ben K. said...

I think you mean Clemens. Matt Clement is on the DL for the Red Sox right now.

Jessica Lee said...

thanks,and Sorry
I spell the vocabulary wrong.
I am very appreciated you point out for me.