Sunday, May 27, 2007

I don't sense frustration in the club.....

I can't make up my mind how I feel after watching Saturday game.Tons of news came out in Taiwan and US all about failure of offense.In Taiwan,reporters like to compare Wang and Dice-K in any kind of situation.Dice-K always gave my Taiwanese team a lot of troubles in international baseball contest in the past and he is in Red Sox team now.I can tell all you guys one thing for sure.I don't like him at all.Dice-K has 8.46 runs support/per game.How about Wang?Wang has 4.69 runs support/per game.3 of 7 games Dice-K won allowed more than 4 runs.3 of 4 games Wang lost allowed less than 4 runs.Do you want more stat?4.69 runs support/per game?Sound good,right?No,Actually,Yankees only score 3.7 runs when Wang was on the mound during the game.Not to mention Pettitte.Pettitte is the same fate as Wang.

Of course,all reporters from Taiwan and US all ask Wang this question:"Are you disappointed at not getting any offense from your teammates?"Wang said"It's my fault.If I don't give up those three runs,we have a chance to win".Wang take responsibility basically.When reporters asked what happened in the first inning,Wang said"I don't have velocity and can't find the strikezone in the first inning"These two quotes are not the quote I want to share with you guys.You guys can find these two quotes from some newspaper over there.When Taiwanese reporters asked Wang about Yankees' situation(may not make the playoff),Wang said"I don't sense frustration in the club.We all come in and fight every game.You never know.4 months left this season.Our hitters are going to score a lot of runs eventually.I like our chances.We lost today.We will come back to fight tomorrow".

In my opinion,Wang try to become a complete pitcher.He is in the transition period now.That's why he get more strikeouts recently.He uses more and more slider,changeup,spitter.He learn how to use sinker well as well.He strike more people out with his sinker too.If Wang stay healthy,He will become even better one this season.
Edit:Wang told Taiwanese media the strikeouts he got from Angel game.That's "four-seamer fastball"

I believe Moose will turn it around.I will say this again.If Wang,Pettitte,Moose and Clemens all stay healthy and pitch like they are capable of.We will turn this around.If we pitch great,we will be fine.I don't know can we recover in time or not,but you never know what will happen next.This is just nature of life.They definitely need to play better than this no matter they will make the playoff or not.At least,they can make fans feel better,right?

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