Sunday, May 13, 2007

Is just me or what?

I am watching yankee game which broadcast in Taiwan now.I have a feeling about DeSalvo when I watch him pitching.I am so nervous and can't breathe.It feels something about happening.He just make me nervous.

Edit:Another guy come out and make me nervous too.Ha!I think you guys know who he is.
Edit2:Can Yankee bring up someone won't let me nervous?
Edit3:Please,Mo.Don't make me nervous.
Finally Edit:Can anyone please stop Red Sox?


Andrea said...


Did you go to a Yankee game when you were in California?

and I know Taiwan is its own whole separate country, but do you follow any of the other Asian baseball players over there? Like Ichiro and Matsui and Matsuzaka? Or is that basically just the Japanese media and Japanese fans?

sorry for so many weird questions!

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Andrea,
Don't worry.I am glad to give you answer for your question.It's not weird question.

When I were in California,I went to Dodgers games with my homestay.They're big Dodgers fans.We went to Dodgers games couple of times.It's amazing.It's totally different atmosphere of baseball game between Taiwan and MLB.There are more people watching ball game in MLB.In Taiwan,We have live broadcasting screen and broadcaster do live broadcast.

In Taiwan,We broadcast not only MLB but also Japan pro baseball game.I have been watched some Japan games and a lot of internationl contest.The players you mention always give Taiwanese team a lot of troubles.They are superstars in whole Asian countries,except Kei.Actually,I have no idea who Kei is before Yankees sign him.Because Dice-K give my Taiwanese team a lot of troubles,I don't like him.After he sign with Red Sox,I don't like him more.I like Ichiro a lot and hope Yankees can sign him after this season and put him in the right field.He is amazing baseball player.I always follow his game.He has huge fan base in Taiwan.We even have a lot of books about him published.

Jessica Lee said...

Originally,I plan to go to New York to watch Yankee game before I left the United States.But,I ran out of time and money.Hopefully,I can get another chance to go to Yankee Stadium one day.Maybe I can meet all you guys at ballpark in person.

Andrea said...

I hope you get a chance to get to Yankee Stadium. It's one of my favorite places.

When I was little, my uncle had season tickets to seats right by the dugout. He took me to a few games, but the one I remember most was one where there was a rain delay so we had to wait a few hours. But when they game finally started, my friend and I were so excited--we were literally sitting ON the Yankees dugout. It was great.

Even if you don't get a chance to go to the current Yankee Stadium, I bet the new one will be good.

That's cool that the Taiwan baseball teams play teams from other countries. We don't have anything like that in the US--then again, I am willing to bet there are WAY more teams.

I hope the Yankees can sign Ichiro too. He's SO fast, and his bat is just crazy! He's already halfway down the baseline by the time anyone even realizes he hit the ball.

I'm SO glad that Mo didn't do anything to make me too nervous tonight!

Jessica Lee said...

Why you can sit "on" the dugout?It means you sit with players or just very close to dugout.It's amazing.I hope I have that chance as well.

In Taiwan,We have a lot of chances to interact with players.I have tons of stuff signed by players.In the ball game,coaches use a lot of tactics as well during the game.That's also something I didn't see a lot in MLB game.

Andrea said...

There is a covering over the dugout, and there are seats just behind it. It is almost like the top of the dugout is a table for those people. My friend and I were young, so we were little and we could crawl up on top of the dugout to sit there. We thought we were hot stuff!