Thursday, May 10, 2007

Almost Perfect...Wang didn't notice???

That's the quote from Wang after game

"It was just higher than I wanted," Wang said. "I didn't feel I had no-hit stuff. I didn't even know I was throwing one, although I didn't understand why no one would talk to me [in the dugout]."

That's really funny reaction.Do you believe that Wang didn't know he was throwing a perfect game?I believe.Why?Because he throw changeup in that situation.If you were Wang and you notice you throw a perfect game,will you throw the changeup in that situation?I don't think so.I probably throw sinker or slider in the situation.

Wang is that kind of pitcher only concentrate on one pitch at one time and focus on the next hitter.I believe he even doesn't know who he face.Before 2007 season begin,he was asked one question from Taiwanese reporter in Taiwan about how he feel when he pitch in Yankee stadium becuase Yankees fans are so into the game.He responded"I didn't hear anything.Once I stand on the mound,I didn't hear anything and only thing I can see is catcher mitt"

Amazing concentration....

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