Friday, May 11, 2007

Come on,guys,Watch Game

Wang sit on 1-3 record 5.40ERA
There are reactions from Yankees fans after today games..........

Wang is not ACE;If Wang is our ACE we're really in trouble
See,Wang come down to earth;Last season is fluke for him
Wang is No.5 Pitcher;No.3 at best
He gave up 7ER to the last place team(Texas);Send him back to minor
He almost got his perfect game because his opponent is Mariners
That near perfect game is only good outing so far for him.This is bad sign.We're in trouble
No,Wang will be fine;He just have a bad day

If your reaction is one of those,I will one question to you
"Have you watched the game?"

The first game Wang pitched against TB(6.1 Innings)
He did pitch great unlike his line indicate.He left the game 3-2 and Myers gave up grand slam(two runs charged to Wang and he took the lost)

Second Game against Boston(6 Innings)
He did pitch Ok,So So.He gave up 4 ER and Yankees can't do anything with Red Sox No.5 pitcher.Wang didn't pitch great on that day,but it's ok and not terrible

Third Game against Mariners(8 Innings)
He is great.No doubt about that.I won't mention that perfect game and opponent.In my opinion,8 innings 1ER is great outing no matter who is his opponent team.

Today Game against Texas(6.1 Innings)
Clearly,Wang is not as sharp as his last outing,but he manage to keep team in the game until 5 Inning.First of all,Abreu totally miss reading that triple Laird hit.I think Abreu should catch that ball.Even he didn't catch that ball,Abreu should keep it Double at least.But,Abreu didn't do that.

Second,After a ground out,Laird is at third base with one out.Next Batter hit a weak ground ball to A-Rod and they got Laird trapping between third and home plate.The way they trap Laird,he should have no chance to come home for scoring.But,Arod and Posada are terrible at that rundown.And Laird come home to score that second run.This is turning point of game.Instead of having tie game(1-1) with 2 outs and runner is on first,Wang give up second run with 1 outs and runner is on Second.What happened to the rest of that 5 inning,I think I don't have to describe.If they make that rundown,Wang probably leave 5 inning without giving up any run and We probably talk about whole different ball game.

Clearly,We find out Wang is not Robot man.Wang's emotion effected by that rundown clearly.When your pitcher is not on top of his game,the defense behind him have to get every out they should get for him.You can't allow to give opponent extra outs.

In 7 inning,I believe the first two singles are ground balls that find the hole and Wang get frustated at that and then couple of hard hit ball after that.Vizcaino come in and give up another run which charge to Wang.

If you didn't watch the game,the only thing you do is checking the line.Your reactions about this game will be one of those I mention above.That's not truth.In my opinion,this game will not be blow out game,if they don't miss that rundown.In baseball games,they always have one turning point of game which will change the whole game.Since that turning point,Texas become different ball club and get the different feeling.

The reason we lost this game is that rundown,not offense,not bullpen,not Wang.

I am not trying to find excuses for Wang and blame someone for this lost.A lot of people keep bashing our starting pitchers about how bad they have been.In today game,you may say Wang should stop bleeding no matter what happened to that rundown.But,they are human beings,not robots.

So far this season,all kind of things all went wrong for our Yankees team.I won't tell you "They will be fine,they will turn this around soon".In my opinion,no team will be hit this hard the whole season and no team will be in lucky situation the whole season.If our Yankees team get hit hard the whole season,the only thing we can do is supporting them and screaming "Let's go Yankees".They are fighting.The last thing we wanna do is blaming someone.That's not gonna help.Our Yankees players will remember what kind of mistakes they made already and won't do this again or try to imrove that because I believe they are good team.Good team will come out of this slump.We don't need hero and ACE on the team.Everyone just need to do their best.

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