Friday, May 4, 2007

One Red Sox Fan feel lonely...and I feel good....

Yesterday...I saw a news in Taiwan is very interesting...Wanna share with you guys because this news let me feel good...

As you guys can image,All the people in Taiwan become Yankees fans and Red Sox haters since Chien-Ming Wang get promoted to big in 2005.

AIT(American Institute in Taiwan)Director stephen M. young is the person feel very lonely.He hold a press conference in Taiwan yesterday regarding Taiwan and US how to keep good relationship and US how to help Taiwan keep security.

He wears a Boston Red Sox tie to attend this press conference.He said to reporters "He is big Boston Red Sox fan"at the end of press conference and feel happy to share his good news to reporters because Red Sox win again.(Damm)

He told reporters He have one small complaint about Wang.He wish Wang hadn't gone to play for the New York Yankees.This makes me feel good because it means New York Yankees get a great starting pitchers from their farm system(Hopefully,Hughes will be next) even Dieheart Red Sox fans have to admit.

One more thing,Hopefully,Yankees win two games in a row today and Red Sox lose and then He will have a tough day in Taiwan tomorrow because most his coworkers can say they feel great in front of him.This is probably something it's very hard to do in US because There are too many people in the media over there who are Red Sox fans.HA!!!!

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