Friday, May 4, 2007


We may lost Pavano for Tommy John surgery.Man.When I saw this "breaking"news earlier on Pete blog,it doesn't surprise me at all.This is just like Wang say he will pitch Saturday and won't miss his turn when Pete post this news on his blog.It doesn't surprise me at all.This is Wang's attitude.He wants to help his team badly.This thing let us know one thing.Next time,every general manager want to sign a guy and he need to know this guy's personality except his number.

Why this guy can't stay health?It's very hard for me to believe he just hit a series of bad luck.He has a lot of "funny"injury,such as butt,car accident,and not in good shape.I am kind of curious about who(which club)will take a chance on him after this contract with Yankees.I think he will never pitch again in the big if he go on to Tommy John surgery.I don't think someone will sign him again.

I will say let him go.This will certainly help club chemistry.This is not the big blow because I actually didn't expect him to contribute.No one count on him actually.

I don't blame Cashman to sign this guy (a lot of clubs want to sign him at that moment) and didn't get rid of this guy.I think Cashman just didn't get rid of this guy guickly enough before he got himself injury again.I think Cashman try to do this before trading deadline,so he can get more from him.That's why he can't say something bad to hurt his value.But,man.This guy even can't keep pitching at least for one month.

Cashman didn't count on him,I think.He count on Pavano as No.5 starter.As far as I know,we can fill anyone from minor as No.5 starter.The bad news for Yankees is they lose No.1(Wang),No3(Mussina),No5(Pavano,of course),No.6 (Jeff)at the same time.That's why we are in trouble.You just can't replace the innings Wang and Mussina will provide.Look at what Wang did at his first two starts.Clearly,Wang is not at his best,but he pitches at least 6 innings each time(4 runs each time).Compare to offense Yankees put on board early April.Wang will easily win 3-4 wins for us and save the bullpen at the same time.

Do you feel I am so negative?No,I am not.At least,we don't have to count on Pavano,right?At least,We won't see Pavano in the club,right?HA!

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