Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why this happen again?

I waked up this morning and tried to catch Yankees game with White Sox.I found out.Man,We have doubleheader,"again"???How can this happen to us again??We just don't have any luck at all.Who jinx them??Me??I have hard time to believe why we have so many bad things happend to us.We have enough pitching problem so far.Right now,We have Mussina and Wang pitch at the same day.Can someone help us to turn this kind of bad luck to another team as soon as they can??

Only positive thing is we will be 6.5 game back to Red Sox if we win two games in a row and Red Sox lose again to Tiger.Sometimes,it's hard for me to ignore how Red Sox do.How can thing turn out like this.For most Yankees fans,we pay too much attention on how Red Sox do on May 16.

That's why Jeter is amazing player.The more I see Jeter play and listen what he say,the more I believe Jeter is the man who all yankees fans can follow and believe.I really believe we can come back to catch Red Sox because of Jeter.Some players just can play mental part of game better than others.This is talent.Let's Go Yankees!!


Andrea said...

Wang did a great job today!

Farnsworth worried me, but Wang did such a good job, he didn't worry me TOO much.

You must be excited that Wang pitched such a good game!

Todd Drew said...

Wang gave the team a lift. Hopefully DeSalvo can keep it rolling today…

Andrea said...

I love Matt DeSalvo. I know he makes some people nervous--he doesn't strike many people out--but he also doesn't walk very many.

I hope he does well A. for the team and B. because I don't want anyone to be disappointed in him. I don't know what it is about how he plays--I just have a lot of faith in him.