Thursday, May 24, 2007

am I lazy???

You guys probably wonder what I am doing these few days.Nothing but watching every yankees games.Am I lazy???Is it the reason for luck of posting these few days.No.

In reality,for human beings,it's so hard to keep faith and fighting when things go all wrong in their life.It's so easy to say "Keep fighting" but hard to keep fighting.Baseball players are human beings too.Right now,this is kind of life for yankees players now.They need hero.They need someone to help them.In my opinion,Clemens may be the answer.The reason for that is not because of pitching.They just need a break which Clemens' present in the club may help or Red Sox lose some games in a row soon.

True story from me.I was so frustrated at getting a job when I just graducated from film school in California.I want to stay in the United States,work there and make my film.I kept fighting for half year after I graducated from school.All the answer from my job interviews was "We really want to hire you but you have to get a working visa by yourself first".In reality,I have to find a job first and get my working visa from my boss as foreign workers.I kept fighting that everyday for half year.The last month of that life,I didn't want to check my email or answer the phone.I couldn't do anything with energy because of frustration.Why I didn't want to check my emails?I didn't want to get more emails about the same message which I got again and again.When frustration get to you,they kill you.

Edit:How I feel about Wang's performance?Man,I couldn't breathe on the second inning.I couldn't believe Wang throw a slider on 3-2 to strike out Kevin Youkilis with base full to end the inning when Big Papi on deck.I am so glad that Wang did help my Yankees team to win.Sometimes,It's so hard for me to watch Wang pitching as Taiwanese Yankees fan.You guys maybe couldn't image this.For most Taiwanese,Wang presents our whole country and He makes us proud.Wang pitch with whole country watching now,including more and more people in china,Hong Kong.

Real quote from Wang before the game with one of Taiwanese reporter..........
Wang said"This game is very important and maybe help team feel better"
After game.......
Wang said"I don't have command and walk too many people.I need to throw more strikes"


Todd Drew said...

People in New York really love Wang. He is a tough ballplayer and he fits perfectly on this team and in this city. Do people there understand how popular he is here, too?

Andrea said...

You can typically tell how popular a pitcher is by looking out to section 55 or 53 of the left field bleachers about 15-20 minutes to game time. From there, you can easily see into the bullpen and watch the starting pitcher warm up with Gator. If that area is crowded, he's a popular guy. I anticipate it being absolutely ridiculous when Clemens finally starts.

Wang has one of the larger crowds. The biggest so far this year I think was Andy Pettitte on his first game back--but Wang has a consistently large crowd.

We do love him here. On Monday when he left the game, there was a huge standing ovation--probably bigger than I've ever seen. He's one of the few people I've ever heard of to get his minor league number retired when he was with the Staten Island Yankees. But you probably know that already!

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Todd and Andrea,
Actually,Taiwanese always feel that We are only people rooting for Wang.We sometimes feel we did that too crazily.Thanks for telling us about how popular he is.Without question,Wang is so popular in whole Asian country.We are glad to hear how much love he receive over there.