Friday, May 25, 2007

Jeter and Pettitte are the man

Do you guys remember the story I mention the last post?I said Yankees need someone to help them and Clemens maybe the answer.I think I find the anwer.Some guys always do some magic things and make you believe.That's the feeling I had when I was watching the last Red Sox and Yankees game.They are amazing.Pettitte is a big game pitcher.He make you so relax and believe he will pitch great game.Jeter is the guy you want him on the plate and he always delivery.Hopefully,this series is turning point of this season.But,we still have Angel,Blue Jays,Boston,White Sox next.This is the tough stretch.


Zachary Lesser said...

I'm so glad we've got Pettitte back--letting him go was one of the worst decisions they made. And Jeter is the MVP of the last 10 years in all of baseball, for my money.

Gotta keep winning series.

Andrea said...

I was so excited when we got Pettitte back. A couple of my friends weren't happy about it--they said he's old and should go back to Houston, but I think that after his past few games, everyone is REALLY happy to have him back.

Not only is he a good guy to have around with all these rookies coming up, but he's a great pitcher. When he gets into any trouble--he gets out of it.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear z and Andrea,
I become a yankee fan after those late 90's world series.I haven't watched Pettitte pitching in those days.But,I heared how great he was in the past.Now,I can sense and see why.

Andrea said...

The great thing about Pettitte is that he's deceiving. He's never "dominating," but he always gets the job done. On Wednesday against the Red Sox, he allowed 9 hits--but only one run. That's great. He got the double plays when he needed them.

I love Andy Pettitte. Even in the 3 or 4 games that he SHOULD have gotten the win on, then the bullpen blew it, he doesn't blame them. His record should be amazing, but it's not because of the bullpen, and because in 2 of his last starts, he pitched amazingly, allowing only 1 or 2 earned runs, but the bats just couldn't back him up.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Andrea,
The description you said about Pettitte.It sound like Wang as well.They always get the job done.

Andrea said...


Exactly! That's why I'm so torn--I can't decide if Wang or Pettitte are my favorite. I probably have to pick Pettitte though. He's been my favorite since I was 13 years old--he's been around the yankees 10 years. That's amazing.