Friday, May 18, 2007

Don't think too much!!

I was watching the final game of Yankees-White Sox series and knew Red Sox won again at the same time.The more bad news is Red Sox won two games in a row and Yankees drop another series.Now,we are almost 10 games back to Red Sox.It seems no one can stop Red Sox now.They won all different kind of games.They have 5 pitchers pitching like Cy Young.Their offense came along very well.On the other hand,everything went wrong for Yankees so far.Things can't get worse for yankees now.A series of injuries keep happening to us,including pitchers and starting lineup.We still have this problems.We don't have any offense now basically.Several players are in a huge slump now.The wild card seems come out from AL center.Everyone can't wait to dump Yankees.

But,I will say this again.Don't think too much.Of course,I am concerned.If I say I don't worry,I am lying.If we continuously pitch well(starter and relief pitchers),we will be fine.Don't forget we have Roger Clemens and Phil on the way to help us.Hitters can't be in this slump whole year.Red Sox can't keep this hot.This is just natural of everything.No one can't have everything going in their direction and no one won't be in the bad luck all the time.On this pace,Red Sox will end up around 114 wins season.Well,if they can do that.They deserve it.We try to get wild card.No matter how we get into playoff,we get a chance to win world series.Anything can happen in the playoff,Cardinals is the prime example.If we don't make it this season,I really want to find out which young pitchers from our farm is real deal.We can use this year to rebuild our club.

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