Saturday, May 19, 2007

That's the way to do business

The preview post I said"Don't think too much".Forget what I say,guys.I am probably out of my mind.As you guys know,I try to read English paper,listen English radio,watch English program as much as i can for maintaining my English.I find out one thing interesting.No way you can "Don't think too much"in New York.All the people(fans,media,etc.) pay a lot of attention on New York Yankees.They have all the information they need to know and they all have their own opinion on everything.Even though a reporter grab a 7-year-old child,the child can give you reaction and suggestion about everything of New York Yankees.

It's very amazing for me.Sport or a baseball team can catch this much attention.You guys probably used to this feeling already.In Taiwan,there is no way any kind of sport catching this much attention.I think that prove one thing.That's the way to do business.If I can figure out the whole theory about this and adapt to Taiwan.It probably can change sport business industry in Taiwan.


Todd Drew said...

Wang is going tonight. Big game. Are your ready!?!

Zachary Lesser said...

Big series. Yanks need to win this series. We've only got so many games left against the Sox to make up ground.

Ben said...

Excellent start. It's a relief to see ARod, Giambi, and Cano swinging their bats well. And Wang -- what can you say?

Andrea said...

I was at the game last night--great to see the Red Sox fans in attendance leave early for once!

Jessica Lee said...

It's amazing you were there.How many people among you guys were there??It must feel good.

Andrea said...

The Stadium was full! There were 4 Red Sox fans in front of us, but they were very nice, surprisingly.

It was great to be there for a game against the Red Sox where everything went right. A-Rod hit a home run, and then so did Giambi. When Wang got into trouble in the 2nd inning, it was still ok because we knew he was Wang. He could get out of it.

It was a great game.