Monday, March 31, 2008

How can you come up with this prediction?

I read and listened through many predictions for 2008 season because I want to know how they make these predictions even though I am not interested in making prediction at all . I sometimes can't understand some people's logic of their predictions.

Here is the example. If you predict that Yankees are not going to make the playoff because of our pitching staff in spite of our strong offense, how can you predict that Tigers are going to win it all because of their strong offense despite their suspect pitching staff? The same logic apply to Red Sox's pitching staff as well. If you suspect Yankees' pitching staff, how can you not to suspect Red Sox's pitching staff?

How about those picks for Angels or Mariners over Yankees when Angels got two ACEs out and Mariners' questionable pitching staff? Come on, guys. I know Felix Hernandez and Erik Bedard are great "ACEs", but When Felix is going to put everything together while Bedard step in and out of DL all the time. On top of that, who are their No.3 to No.5 pitcher?


Are you ready?

I am not going to post anymore stuffs from Spring training. I did listen to the last two spring training games, but I just can't bring up enough energy to write more about spring training games for obvious reasons. Let's go play ball.

I know a lot of media outlets come up with a lot of perdiction which I can't and I won't do it. As a dieheart Yankees fan, I am excited at every new season and root for them no matter how they perform during the course of season. Of course, I don't know how to figure out a unbiased perdiction.

Let's Go Yankees.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Terrible Defense? I don't think so...

I can't wait season starting. You guys are probably on the same boat.

You can tell players can't wait as well. How can I say this? well, see their defense. It seems they lose their concentration a little bit. I think they will be fine once season starts.

Betemit and Ensberg don't look too comfortable at second base and first base, but they did made few pretty plays. If they get more playing time on those positions, I think they will be good enough over there.

Of course, I am not going to miss Shelley Duncan diving catch at right field. I don't think there is any Yankees fan don't like Shelley Duncan playing. So exciting!

I think Shelley Duncan play better at right field than first base while Ensberg has potential to be good as a first baseman. I just don't think Giambi will be able play first base the whole season. On top of that, It seems Shelley's defense at right fielder is better than Abreu with strong throwing arm as well.

Man, this is priceless...

The marriage bet between Matsui, Abreu and our captain, Jeter is so funny. Just in case, you miss this story. Please use this link to check it out this story from Peter's blog.

Do you worry about Wang? You're kidding, right?

What is wrong with Wang? After having a terrible playoff series, He doesn't have good spring training as well. Well, This is probably what you think, isn't it? My take? Wang has spoilt us for a long time. We used to get great performance from him all the time. We are shocked when he struggle. I am not trying to compare Wang to Mo, but it seems familiar to Mo's story. Wang just went through growing pain period which he need to think and learn how to pitch. I think Wang used to throw without thinking and setting up hitters. But, he is still able to maintain certain level of success at the same time when he goes through all of these.

I was so amazed that so many Yankees fans worry about Wang, including a lot of my countrymen. I will concern about that when this happens couple of times in the regular season. Come on, guys. Spring training stats doesn't mean anything. The ones who get spots often work on something for new coming season.

In Wang's case, He told Taiwanese media, He uses the whole spring training to refine his slider, change-up, splitters and the location of four-seamers which he wants to locate insider to left-handers. On top of that, He work hard to fix his delivery as well. As long as he stay healthy, he will be fine. I rather all Yankees players struggle something during spring training than regular season because they can find out what is wrong with him without paying for that.

I was listening to that game yesterday. Wang's trouble basically come in the second inning. He at least got two DP which Cano and A-Rod made errors. If they were making that play, Wang would be out of inning with 1 ER without throwing that many pitches(27 in that innings, 76 pitches overall). Today, we will probably talk about Wang's spring training ending at a high note which will be something like 1ER in 6 innings. I saw video of Cano and A-Rod's error plays on Taiwanese news. Those plays are so easy and those ground balls are so weak. They should turn it.

You know what, the most good thing about yesterday game for me is Wang's reaction. He didn't use any excuses during post-game interview with Taiwanese media. He basically went on saying anything you can image he have to improve. You guys have to understand one thing. Wang basically can say whatever he wants to Taiwanese media because all Taiwanese crazily root for him and stand on his side without rationality, including Taiwanese media. I hope I am not complete in that group. Most Yankees fans in USA won't hear that.

Only thing I will concern a little bit is his velocity. The Phillies announcers said this on the radio during the game. They said Wang's velocity not anywhere near last game they face him. I said one thing earlier on this post and expressed my concern as well,

On top of that, Dave Eiland asked Wang to have another bullpen session yesterday that was the day after Wang's normal bullpen session.

I am glad to hear Wang and coach staff working hard for improvement, but is this a little bit too much?

I think two bullpens lead to drop of Wang's velocity. Yankees coach staff probably notice this by now. Working hard is good, but be careful, guys. We need Wang to throw 200+ innings for us this season.

Are you still worrying? Check out these stats as follow,

Brandon Webb's final tuneup allowed seven runs -- five earned -- on 10 hits over 4 1/3 innings against the Angels and finished the spring with an 8.50 ERA.

Halladay had yielded 10 runs (four earned) on nine hits with three strikeouts and one walk in four-plus innings on his final tuneup as well. Of course, The same story as Wang's. There are few errors behind him.

Roy Halladay had a lot of good quotes after the game. Check it out.

Instead of worring about Wang, how about laughing at that bunt Wang put down during the game. I was laughing so hard during broadcasting.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yankees(Kennedy) vs Indians(Byrd)

I think we all read into too much about Spring Training games, Thanks to Chad Jennings' SWB Blog, We get one of best quote from players to prove that statement,

One of the New York reporters asked Hawkins if this spring training has been about as good as he could have hoped,

"Spring don't mean sh**, dude."

But, I do believe you definitely can see epitome of players' possible regular season performance.

When you saw Kennedy throwing 48 out of 91 pitches for strikes which is 52%, you know his stuff and command wasn't there. After giving up 4 runs in the first inning, Kennedy actually came back to pitch almost 4 scoreless innings even though he continuously struggled through the whole 5 inning. I like he didn't give up and lose composure in order to keep Yankees in the game, especially when you consider he pitched against great hitting team(Indians). If Hughes, Kennedy and Mussina all give us 3-4 runs at 5-6 innings, we are in good shape. Of course, They will turn into a gem once a while.

The only thing I have problem with Kennedy is his PFP(Pitchers Fielding Practice). He should and will pay attention on that more for sure after this game. If he cover first base and turn that DP, He probably escape this first inning disaster. You can't afford to give good teams extra out because they will make you pay for that.

As for Melky's error, I won't react that too much after I see how difficult for Matsui and Sizemore catch couple of flyballs. These are obvious evidences to prove that difficult condition(wind/no cloud) for players tracking the balls. But, since Melky plays center field, I do feel Melky is not so good at first jump as a CF. He probably need more experience or practice for that, but Melky did has a great arm to stop opponents' running game.

I won't overreact Giambi's missing tag for that possible out when Molina threw to him because Giambi did pick up a nice ground ball and almost turn a beautiful DP if Kennedy remember to cover first base. We all know Giambi won't be a gold glover at first base and won't play there every game. As long as he stays healthy and produce, I won't have problems with that.

The more I saw Molina playing, the more I feel what a great underrating signing and trade for cashman. He gives us a great backup catcher who is very good at defense while he is not automatically out on the plate as well.

Two bullpen at two days in a row?

It looks like we get ourselves a coach staff who all work very hard. No doubt, Dave Eiland certainly is qualified to this compliment.

In order to let Wang fix his delivery whenever he is in the windup or out of stretch, Dave Eiland asks Wang to repeat his delivery many times without holding the ball during the whole Spring training. They often do this the day after Wang's normal bullpen session.

On top of that, Dave Eiland asked Wang to have another bullpen session yesterday that was the day after Wang's normal bullpen session. This bullpen was only for his slider which is the most inconsistent pitch during the whole spring training. He tries to let Wang remember the correct delivery for slider.

I am glad to hear Wang and coach staff working hard for improvement, but is this a little bit too much? I don't know. I am not an expert on pitching.

I can't help hating to see Red Sox winning

Even against Athletics which is not a good team...Even this is just first game of 2008 season...Especially watch Jonathan Papelbon's face when he pitches... I just don't like this guy at all...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

feel good

If Mussina, Hughes and Kennedy can give us 3 ER 6 innings at most of their starts, Yankees will be in great shape with their offense. On top of that, Wang and Pettitte will give us 7-8 innings most of their starts.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Smart Manager, right?

What a smart manager he is, Joe Girardi, isn't it? This is a line from NY Times Bats' Blog as follow,

Mussina playfully said that Manager Joe Girardi did not tell him the first pitch was at 10 until after Mussina agreed to face the minor leaguers.

And then Moose wrote on his marker board: "Love these 10 a.m. games.''

Can't wait the season

You guys probably understand this. The main focus from Taiwanese media is all about Wang. They will detail everything surrounding Wang. When I read through news on Taiwanese websites, I always can get a lot of interesting photos which take place around Wang. There are two examples which I kind of sensing good relationship among pitching staff. These kind of photos let me can't wait the season.

Talk about sending message...

Competition for spots in the spring training come down to wire. Of course, Bloggers all come up with tons of different prediction on the Opening roster based on variable reasons or personal observations, including me.

Obviously, There are two spots for bench and three spots for bullpen up for grab. There is less controversy for bench spots which probably goes to Betemit and Ensberg. The safe bet for three bullpen spot will be Bruney, Traber, Karstens which is my prediction. But, If Girardi decides to choose Ross Ohlendorf(long reliever), Scott Patterson and Traber, this move probably will say a lot about Joe Girardi.

But, again, even if Girardi goes to safe bet, I won't disappoint because this is long season. The ones make it to opening day roster don't guarantee to stay with us the whole season.

One good thing about Andy's minor back spasms, if there is any...

I already said I stop worrying about Andy Pettitte on the preview post, so I am not going to eat my words even though it seems there are more bad news about Andy's back coming out. I wrote a post few days ago to predict 2008 opening roster. This was part of post regard for our rotation as follow,

Rotation(5)...I don't think Joe Girardi will put them in this kind of order, but this is the order I will run based on pitching style, limited inning cap, and possible bullpen use. I don't care much about who should be in which slot.

Chien-Ming Wang
lan Kennedy
Andy Pettitte
Phil Hughes
Mike Mussina

The reason I want to put rotation in this kind of order is separating both Wang and Pettitte who are inning eaters and Kennedy and Mussina who have similar pitching style, especially when you consider Kennedy has high inning limit than Hughes'.

So, If Andy's minor back spasms just push him back to one slot, this move actually separates Wang and Pettitte which is not a bad move at all. Of course, It won't kill me to switch Kennedy and Hughes' slot since it seems Hughes has higher ceiling. On top of that, Hughes did has more major league experience than Kennedy as well.

Share a great article about Andy Pettitte

I was surfing Internet and finding a great article about how Pettitte become a Yankee Linchpin. Go to check it out. Todd, you are right. After reading that article, I stop worrying about him. Andy is a gamer and he will be fine. This is an opening quote from Andy on this article as follow,

"It was the dumbest thing I've ever done." Andy Pettitte on signing professionally with the Yankees.

After you read that article, you will know why Andy says that. I just feel how lucky we are as Yankees fans to have Andy Pettitte on our team.Let's Go Yankees.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

How can someone not love Shelley Duncan?

I guess they know the weather in Tampa will be this bad before the game, that's why they make up some "injury" for Pettitte and Cano in order to keep them dry. Of course, I am just kidding, but I hope that's the case.

I know all the Yankees can't wait to cancel this game and they probably hope this game was never being played when you consider Yankees' terrible defense on the field, but I actually like what I saw.

First of all, I rather they make some mistakes and notice those problems during spring training than find them out at regular season games.

Secondly, Jonathan Albaladejo and Scott Patterson all pitched well. I know, I know, Albaladejo gave up 6 runs in the first inning, but he didn't really give up many hard hit balls. I think he need to strength his mental toughness. As Scott Patterson's case, I start to wonder is it just because of spring training? or can he succeed in the regular season? I really want to find out. Let's wait and see Girardi's decision regard for 25-men roster which will be interesting.

Finally, How can someone not love Shelley Duncan? He did missed a fly ball in the left field, but he came back for that amazing catch. It will be great to see how he will do this season.

Is it too late to move Joba back to rotation now?

This is the second time Andy Pettitte was being skipped his turn this spring training. Of course, they all said this was not a big deal at all. They always say that. Did Andy try not to aggravate his elbow and lead to this back spasms? I know Andy had back spasms last season and then came out to pitch all season. I also know every professional athlete has all kind of pain and it seems never being 100% healthy during their career. They all play through the pain and just how much pain they can stand, but it always causes me to concern every time when the pain is big enough to let them stop doing something or make it publicly, especially do you notice how many "hopefully" Pettitte was saying about pitching all season during two interviews regard for missing his turns?

I said this on this preview post when Andy was being skipped at the first time this spring for his elbow,

I don't mind to start Big Three with Mussina and Wang at the beginning season if Pettitte need more time for his elbow. I always feel we won't be able to find out who is the best option to replace Joba's role in the bullpen if Joba is there.

Is it too late to move Joba back to rotation now? Give Pettitte the time he need for healing is not a bad idea as well.

What a great honor for Wang

There is no surprise Wang get opening start honor. Congrats to Wang and all Taiwanese because I can't help thinking Wang will be the last Opening Starter at that historic old Yankees Stadium. What a honor!

It seems Morgan Ensberg is going to make the team. I pick Cody Ransom over him that look like there is very slim chance for Ransom to make the team now. Wrong prediction, but I did said as follow,

The reason Cashman want Morgan Ensberg is an insurance of Shelley Duncan. Just in case, Shelley Duncan can't keep his production this season, so I won't surprise at Ensberg getting last spot as well if Ransom accept to go to minor.

By the way, Wang told Taiwanese media why this is great honor for him because his first major start was at this old Yankees stadium. Therefore, Being the last opening starter at this old Yankees stadium means a lot for him.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Opening Day Roster Prediction(barring injury)- March 20th Take

We are not too far away from 2008 Opening Day. I think it's about right time to predict 2008 Opening Day Roster again. Barring terrible collapse and injury, This is what I think as follow.

Rotation(5)...I don't think Joe Girardi will put them in this kind of order, but this is the order I will run based on pitching style, limited inning cap, and possible bullpen use. I don't care much about who should be in which slot.

Chien-Ming Wang
lan Kennedy
Andy Pettitte
Phil Hughes
Mike Mussina

Bullpen(7)...We definitely need a long reliever or spot starter in the bullpen when we have so many young and aging starters. I will try Traber as lefty specialist at the beginning of season. If he can't delivery, we always can call someone up from minor to replace him. Brian Bruney gets a contract and shows determination by losing weight and pitch well enough during spring training. I will give him one more chance. If he fail, we call up someone else as well when you consider we won't rely on him too heavily.

Waiting List:Ross Ohlendorf, Scott Patterson, Jonathan Albaladejo, Chris Britton, Edwar Ramirez, Dan Giese, Darrell Rasner and Jose Veras. Those pitchers I will put them in AAA to hone some pitches they need to work on. If someone in the bullpen doesn't perform well, I will call one of them up.

Long shot: Heath Philips, Kei Igawa(I may need to move him to waiting list. I really think Yankees should try to trade him if they can get some decent value in return), Alan Horne, Daniel McCutchen, Mark Melancon, J.B Cox, Chase Wright, Steven White, Humberto Sanchez, Jeffrey Marquez.

Mariano Rivera(Closer)
Joba Chamberlain(Setup Man)
Kyle Farnsworth(7.8 inning)
LaTroy Hawkins(7.8 inning)
Jeff Karstens(Long Reliever)
Billy Traber(Lefty Specialist)
Brian Bruney(6.7 inning)

Starting Lineup(9)... I don't think there is any doubt who will be Blue Jay's starter at the Opening day. This is why I will put lefty as much as I can. Once Roy Halladay come out of game or left-hander relievers come in, we can put Shelley Duncan into lineup.

(L) Johnny Damon(LF)-or CF/DH
(R) Derek Jeter(SS)
(L) Bobby Abreu(RF)
(R) Alex-Rodriguez(3B)
(L) Jason Giambi(1B)-or DH
(S) Jorge Posada(C)
(L) Hideki Matsui(DH)-or LF
(L) Robinson Cano(2B)
(S) Melky Cabrera(CF)-or LF

Bench(4)...The last spot I choose INF Cody Ransom among Morgan Ensberg and Brett Gardner for couple of reasons.

I don't think Morgan Ensberg will have enough playing time when you consider how well Shelley Duncan play during spring training. I even feel Shelley Duncan may get starting 1B job instead of Giambi. I rather give Shelley Duncan as many bats as possible, especially when you consider Ensberg only can play 3B/1B position(too many people can play those position). The reason Cashman want Morgan Ensberg is an insurance of Shelley Duncan. Just in case, Shelley Duncan can't keep his production this season, so I won't surprise at Ensberg getting last spot as well if Ransom accept to go to minor.

But, I still think we really need one more INF for defense replacement in late-innings situation or pinch runner because I don't feel too comfortable Betemit is my only infielder replacement for the whole season. I also think We need two in order to take A-Rod and Jeter out of blowout games at the same time or give them and Cano a break once a while.

As Brett Gardner, It's kind of wasting talent to let him sit on the bench when you consider we have 6 outfielders, including Shelley, Melky, Abrea, Matsui, Damon, Ransom. If we have injury or extra need during season, I will call him up.

(S) Wilson Betemit(INF)-I don't think Betemit play SS/2B well
(R) Jose Molina(C)
(R) Shelley Duncan(RF/1B)-I think Shelley play RF better than 1B
(R) Cody Ransom(INF)

What do you guys think?

Different Kyle Farnsworth??

I am not going to talk about nasty Joba when he faces three Blue Jays' minor leaguers and blew them away. Am I the only crazy person thinking about the possibility of seeing different Kyle Farnsworth this season? I actually think Farnsworth did pitch pretty well. He threw a lot of pitches very close to plate and limit the damage to just one run. Unlike the couple of seasons I saw from Kyle when he couldn't stop bleeding and throw a lot of bad pitches not even close to plate.I like what I see. Hopefully, He can keep doing that once season starts.

By the way, Dan Giese, Jonathan Albaladejo, and Chris Britton are all pretty good as well. Why? They throw strikes which is very important for me. I can't stand pitchers give up free passes. Dan Giese is the most impressive one among those three because he faces Blue Jays starting lineup even though he did get in trouble, but manage to get out of jams.

As for Kennedy, If my memory serves me right, this is second time he faces Blue Jay and pitch well on both times. Impressive outing from Kennedy for me. Wang and Kennedy all pitch well against Blue Jays this spring when they change speed and move around location on their pitches. Is this blueprint for success against Blue Jays? I know it sounds a successful blueprint to every team, but I guess what I try to say is not throwing too many fastball.

I almost forget one thing. What a beautiful slide into home plate by Shelley Duncan! What a way to tell everyone you don't have to have such a violent collision in order to show how hard you play baseball. Not to mention another strong offense display from Shelley as well.

Man, I think I agree with Todd. We got a great team and I can't wait the season starting. Let's Go Yankees.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quiet Yankees camp so far, right?

I believe most Yankees fans have this feeling. I think Joe Girardi is the reason for that. The audio of Joe Girardi regard for Joba's issue on Peter's blog tell it all. He said he has hard time to tell much, but he will tell the truth. This is part of post I wrote back to February about Girardi as follow,

Couple of things I saw so far from Girardi are great. I don't know he does them by nature or by design, but I like them. He makes sure to answer questions as short as he can. I believe the less he says, the less mistakes he makes and the less stories reporters or talk show hosts can write or talk about. He also said his message to players is simple: "healthy and care about him"

I also can tell couple of things about Joe Girardi' manager's style during spring training games so far. Joe Girardi will play a lot of small ball, pay attention stats or matchup, move runners, steal base and pitch inside to David Ortiz(retaliation? protect Yankees players? HA!).

Yankees vs Pirates

I still won't worry about starters during spring training. As long as they stay healthy, I won't panic for outcome of spring training games. I know Hughes doesn't pitch well, but I rather they struggle in spring training than regular season in order to find out what is wrong with them.

After watching all spring training games so far, I can sense one thing for sure. We definitely need a long man in the bullpen because they all need tons of pitches in order to go through inning no matter how they pitch. Of course, I mean Hughes, Kennedy, Mussina, Joba(once move him back to rotation) except Wang and Pettitte.

As for Bobby Meacham's issue, Of course, I miss Larry Bowa because of not only being a good third-base coach but also his great personality. I knew Bobby Meacham waved A-Rod home again and this time almost let him get throw out again, but I don't think this time is his fault because pirates' short stop(I think) cover very well for that play. Once Bobby Meacham know more about opponents in the AL East, he will be fine.

I still like what I see from Traber, especially you consider he obviously doesn't have his stuff today and also pitch to righties as well. If A-Rod don't throw that double-play ball away, his line will look much better. By the way, the defense of both teams in this game are ugly.

The more I see from Brett Gardner, the more I like. Opening day roster?? You never know. Joba also officially announce in the bullpen before the game. Man, I like Yankees have those happy problems and difficult decisions to make among a lot of different competitions.

From a scout about Wang

You guys probably don't buy into my probable Taiwanese biased opinion toward Wang, but how about words from a scout? I found out a good Blue Jay's Blog called Globe on Baseball Blog by accident. Keep eyes on this blog which certainly will be essential once season starts. Anyway, part of one small tidbit about Yankees pitching,

"spoke to a scout in Bradenton Monday who told me that Wang has honed his slider and change-up this spring that from what he'd seen the pitches had a lot more depth.

Sound great for me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Check out these warm or funny stories....

As you guys know, Yankees play Virginia Tech as charity events later on. There are a lot of warm and great stories out there, please go to check these links as follows. Link1, Link 2 , Link 3. By the way, I don't think Wang will be there for this event, but Wang told Taiwanese media earlier he really wants to go for this meaningful event even if he won't pitch.

As special as today is, it's good day to hear some interesting and funny stories as well, One of post is about Andy Pettitte's "mysterious" elbow injury. The other is about a game between Hughes and Kennedy. Check them out, They are all great stories.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who said Jeter's defense was bad?

Did you guys see that ground ball Jeter get around 3th inning? I think A-Rod may be right. We may see Jeter have a MVP season.

Do we need to concern about Damon's defense on the left field? If he miss more flyballs like that, we may need to reconsider that as well. Right now, I think it's still too early to tell.

Finally, the great moment of game came when Pettitte threw that inside high fastball to David Ortiz. Yes, it sound right and feel great, doesn't it? I am also glad to see Pettitte come out this game and feel healthy. I am still kind of worrying about the health of Pettitte. Hopefully, I just think too much.

Monday, March 17, 2008


There are few impressive things happened at yesterday spring training game which was a rematch of Game 1 ALDS last season.

In my opinion, Wang actually pitched better than scoreline if you did watch game. Wang was using his four-seamers, two-seamers(sinkers), sliders, changeup very well at the same time(7K is evidence), but this is not the most impressive thing for me.

After two terrible playoff games against Indians, Wang has guts and right mentality to practice all his pitches against Indians, not to care about outcome. Actually, Wang is doing that whole spring and throw all stats out of window. If I were him, I may try to pay attention on scoreline more in order to erase people's concern.

Scott Patterson(pitch great against opponents' starting lineup)and Brett Garner(great speed) are really impressive so far.

Shelley Duncan's right-hander power is very impressive as well. I notice this, If pitchers throw him great sliders to outside corner, he actually strike out a lot on that pitch. But, Man, if you miss, he hit one out. On top of that, he did has good eye and don't swipe anything.

Updated: After reading through news from Taiwanese media, Wang also threw splitters. He said he still has some problems with sliders and need to work it out.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is Captain

I take Captain's word every time.

Derek Jeter: “If I were Shelley I wouldn’t change the way I play the game. There’s no reason to change the way he plays the game.”

Help!! Rules???????

I probably have one stupid question. If Shelley Duncan doesn't make the team, how he serve his suspension? Does he only need to serve his suspension at Major? Can he serve his suspension at Minor?

Bullpen?? Troubles???

Is just me? It seems Yankees lost a lot of games late because of bullpen this spring training. I know, I know, spring training games don't count, but it's still a bad sign for me. However, Yankees relievers pitched great last spring training and you guys all know what happened during 2007 regular season. Hopefully, I just worry something I don't have to concern.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I couldn't comment something I don't see

I know Shelley Duncan's play is hot topic right now, but I still can't comment or come up with my opinion on this when I don't see that play. You know what, I actually can say this first, I support my New York Yankees all the time, so I probably will be behind Yankees' side for this whole Yankees-Rays saga.

Updated: You guys can use this link to see a video and make a judge by yourself. Thanks to reader Manimal from Peter's blog. Me? Just a hard slide without hard contact and with an intention for retaliation. I actually feel Duncan's excuse is good one when he did looked like trying hard for knocking ball out. Great message to send, doesn't it? Don't keep hitting our guys and expect nothing will happen after that. I actually agree with one caller on the radio show. He said Rays should expect retaliation from Yankees for that if Rays want to use Yankees for sending message because Yankees can send message too. I may be biased on this because I am a Yankees fan.

I will repeat this again. The most thing bothers me about the whole Yankees-Rays saga for me still all Rays players and coach staff are showing no concern and sympathy at all about the health of Cervelli.

Why this is so big deal?

This drives me a little bit crazy. Why so many people feel this is big deal about Billy Crystal's deal? Just a long time yankee fan who want this to fulfill his dream which is playing with Yankees on the field one day as 60th birthday present. Just a spring training game and a 60th birthday present. For Taiwanese, 60th birthday is big deal, so this is cool idea for me.

Glad to hear...

As you guys already know the result, Wang deliveries a better outing last time out than preview one to erase some fans' concern of injury or aftereffect of playoff performance. When I ran through news came out from Taiwanese media, I actually was happy to hear one thing. Wang said he had few good changeup and splitters on that game when his sinkers start working, especially he got three groundball outs from his splitters. I always feel Wang can use his splitters and four-seamers more as well.

OH! No....

Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte all are sort of hitting injury bugs. I know they said all is minor, but they always say that. I got a little nerves. As you guys, I hope Yankees have a injury free season, so there is why I wish RAB's observation is right on the money on Andy Pettitte's injury which the one makes me most nerve. By the way, I don't mind to start Big Three with Mussina and Wang at the beginning season if Pettitte need more time for his elbow. I always feel we won't be able to find out who is the best option to replace Joba's role in the bullpen if Joba is there.

Congrats to my Taiwanese National Baseball Team

This is a signature in Mandarin from Wang to send his congrats to his national team about getting ticket for 2008 Beijing Olympic. You can tell Wang care Taiwan baseball a lot.

My Taiwan National Baseball team beat Australia 5:0 and we will get our ticket to go to 2008 Beijing Olympic if we win south Africa today(we will). Taiwanese starting pitcher Jian-Fu Yang pitched 4 hits 9 inning shutout ball without walking a batter. Well, Pitching is always the strongest part of Taiwanese baseball game, not offense. We always have to play small ball to scratch runs, so you can say my Taiwanese baseball team is more like Angels.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Couple of plays from my Taiwanese National Team during Final Olympic Qualification Tournament

I don't know you guys know this news or not. There are eight national baseball teams playing in Taiwan for Final Olympic Qualification Tournament which these 8 countries fight for the last 3 tickets to 2008 Beijing Olympics now, including Korea, Taiwan(Chinese Taipei-TPE in the videos below), Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Spain and South Africa. The current standing is Korea and Canada probably in for two tickets and Taiwan have to fight for the last ticket with Australia today because Taiwan lost to Canada 5-6 in a 10-innings game yesterday.

There are couple of plays I want to share with you guys. I have to warn you guys first, these two videos are broadcasting in Mandarin and are cut from the game Taiwan vs Canada.

First one (below)is the Kuo Hui Lo's homerun at 6 inning to reverse score at that moment. The reason I want to share you guys this video is showing how much passion Taiwanese have for baseball and our national team. You don't have to understand Mandarin to feel that when you watch this video. By the way, Kuo Hui Lo is a outfielder prospect in Seattle Mariners minor(A). Did you see he hitting that off-speed pitch to center field for three-runs homerun?

Second one (below)is a collision at home plate happened at the same game when Taiwanese right outfielder threw out a Canada player and preserve the lead at that moment. You can see replays from different angles for that play in the middle of film. You also can sense the intense throughout whole video while enjoy and appreciate that great play at the same time.

After watching these two videos, you can sense how high expectation Taiwanese have for Wang.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Great observation from Ken Davidoff

Go to check this great observation from Ken Davidoff, especially those two about Don Zimmer's comment and Josh Beckett's back problem. I actually like to read his baseball insider's blog because he has his own great insight into baseball. I want to warn you first, no everything in this post about baseball.


I just notice this news from Taiwanese media. Wang threw 75 pitches bullpen section for 25 minutes yesterday. 75 pitches?? Is it too much?

Also, Peter just posted pitching lineup for today game. Joba will pitch ahead of Kennedy?? I think Kennedy pitched ahead of Joba the last couple of games before today game. Does this mean something? Does this mean Joba lead the case ahead of Kennedy for a spot in the rotation? I don't know. I may read into too much. How do you guys think?

Monday, March 10, 2008

More injury bugs...

Before you read this post, I have to remind you guys one thing: I don't like anyone to get injury no matter who they are. The reason for this post is showing how much I want for a injury-free season for my New York Yankees.

Luis Vizcaino feel some pain in his elbow...Do you think this is the reason Cashman didn't re-sign him?

Noah Lowry underwent surgery on his left wrist...Sometimes the best trade is the one you don't make.

Josh Beckett left spring training start for his back spasms...I know, it's just for precaution during spring training, but remember this is the same guy who is on the DL many times during his career and experience same problem during last playoff.

Joe Torre's Dodgers hit hard for injury as well, including Andy LaRoche, Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent, Tony Abreu... Do injury bugs follow Joe Torre to Dodgers?... Good news is another Taiwanese player Chin-Lung Hu(SS/2B) may get his chance.

I just don't like people get hurt...

There is a lot of debates going on for both sides right now for that collision. I just don't like someone get hurt no matter who they are and when it happen. The most thing bothers me is Ray manager Joe Maddon's reaction. Does he at least show a little concern about the health of Francisco Cervelli when he saw Cervelli walking out the field in pain? If he feels he is right, why not answer questions from New York reporters?

The most telling reaction I can say is when Girardi and Cervelli stared at Ray's dugout. I can guarantee you this is exactly how all Yankees players feel for that collision. Man, I can almost smell something waiting to happen on Wednesday game when Pettitte will take the mound for that game.

I have one question for you guys. Does umpire throw out players for "accident" during spring training game or Did any player get threw out by umpire during spring training before?

I just get a sense Yankees will play extremely hard against Rays this season.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

HOU@NYY March 7th(Andy vs Chacon)

Jason Lane is impressive, isn't he? But, if Betemit won't be able to play 2B and SS well, Nick Green or Chris Woodward will get that last spot. If Jason Lane did make the team, Melky will be in dangerous situation regard for playing time.

Brett Gardner is also impressive, especially he threw out a runner at the home plate. On top of that, He got that hit for a RBI. It's too bad we just have 25 spots on the active roster.

LaTroy Hawkins will be fine in my opinion. Mo is Mo. I was so excited at Mo's inning, but it was too short in my opinion.

I hope Andy pitching well because....

As I am writing this post, Andy Pettitte's second spring training game is just on the way. I hope Andy Pettitte has a great game because I don't want too many Yankees fans to join that panic society. If Andy has a bad second start, I believe a lot of Yankees newspapers and radio shows will all jump on Yankees' pitching for sure. Of course, I won't be part of that even though Pettitte turn out a bad second spring training start.

Updated: It turns out Andy's outing is fine. Phew!

Just my two cents, You can have yours as well...

I am a loyal reader and big fan of Peter's blog because of extra info we can get regard for our Yankees and some great analysis from his point of view, but sometimes I don't agree with what he say. There are two examples as follows.

First of all, This is Peter's take regard for Joba's renewed contract. I talked about this issue before and I stick to my words. You can say I am naive, but there is true story from my side which prove my belief that money is not everything for some people.

I change my jobs couple of times during my career so far because I want to face new challenge and participate more film/TV show productions, not for money for sure. I took less money for that job.

Secondly, This is another Peter's take about a small meeting called from Joe Girardi with Kennedy and Joba. Actually, According to NY Post, Alan Horne was at that meeting as well. This is the quote from Joe Girardi about what he said during meeting on NY Post,

"I enjoy that part of the game," Girarid said. ""I talked a little bit(yesterday). I talk to Ian and Joba and Alan Horne, just talked about things I saw and the importance of establishing the fastball and pitching in. It was just pitching strategy."

Yes, It's about throwing strikes, but I won't come up with that analysis Peter said. Being a former catcher who always try hard to get most out of pitchers, Joe Girardi just wants to teach kids about pitching and tries to get most out of pitchers.

Ha! What is wrong with that throwing-strikes message? I for one can't stand pitchers don't throw strikes. I rather see them giving up hits than free passes.

Don't worry, Peter. I still love your blog.

Panic Society??? HA!!!

Was Wang pitching terrible last start? Yes, but I said this already at earlier post. As long as they are healthy, I don't worry about that. It's more funny for me to hear "panic society"new phrase someone come up with. Come on, guys. This is spring training. I will take a step further. I for one think players who don't have to fight for spots should practice all the stuffs they won't do it regular season as much as they can. Why not? Spring training stats don't count.

This is the best quote I can find regard for Wang's outing from MLB beat Writer Bryan Hoch who response a Yankees fan's worry on his blog(Bombers Beat),

We'll try to find out more later but his command was really off. Seemed like the hits were up and everything else was skidding in the dirt.

See, game was played on March 6th which is Wang's second start, so his command should be off as expected. The same situation should goes to Kennedy and Joba's cases as well.

Updated: Peter also pointed out today, Wang and pitching coach Dave Eiland figure out it was mechanics flaw. By the way, Wang told Taiwanese media, He threw very good changeup and splitter while his sinker and slider were flat.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

That's why I love Melky so much...

Did you guys see that catch from Melky? Melky called off Cano and ran to catch that soft fly ball to center field. Did you guys also see Melky throwing out a Twins when he was trying get to third? I know, Melky has some problems on offense part, but Man, please put him on the center field.

As a today spring training game, two relievers, Heath Phillips and Ross Ohlendorf are impressive for me today. There are also two relievers who throw strikes named Jonathan Albaladejo and Chris Britton.

I don't really care too much how starters perform during spring training. They will be just fine, they just need to focus on the pitch they need to work on. For example, Joba(Changeup/Curve); Hughes(Changeup); Wang(Changeup/Splitter), etc. I pay more attention on bullpen and bench that have competition for spots because all 6 starters will all pitch at some point during season. They will protect Big Three and Mussina, Pettitte and Wang may need a break once a while.

By the way, Where is Jose Veras? I feel I haven't seen him pitched lately.

If I have to put my money on 25-men roster now, here they are as follows,

For sure barring injury(23):

Starters(5):Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Hughes, Kennedy
Bullpen(6):Mo(closer), Joba(Setup), Kyle, LaTroy, Jeff Karstens(long reliever), Ross Ohlendorf
Starting lineup(9):Damon, Jeter, Abreu, A-Rod, Giambi, Posada, Cano, Matsui, Melky
Bench(3):Shelley, Molina, Betemit

Two more spots(2):

I think one spot goes to reliever; other spot goes to bench

They probably prefer lefty for that last spot if one of lefty can prove himself worth for that spot. Right now, the leading runner is Heath Phillips or Billy Traber. The dark horse is probably Chase Wright or Sean Henn(very far). If no lefty is worthy, Jose Veras or Jonathan Albaladejo probably will get that last spot(They also may fight with Ross Ohlendorf for that spot as well). This is the tough call now, but I bet on Billy Traber to break camp when Heath Phillips wait on AAA.

The last bench spot probably goes to super infielder unility player because Yankees already have enough depth on outfielders. Brett Gardner and Jason Lane really have to have monster spring training to win that last spot over. They really need someone to play all infield positions, especially for SS and 2B, so Nick Green or Chris Woodward probably will get that last spot. If I have to bet on that now, I will go to Chris Woodward.

Stop worrying about money, just enjoy playing baseball

This is one of reason I am a Yankees fan. It seems Yankees players know what to say. They are doing all the right thing and being classy. No Yankees players complain about their salary issue, including Joba, Wang, Hughes, and Melky. All they worry about is improving themselves and helping Yankees win another Champion.

As a fan, I really don't care how much money players make and I understand playing baseball is their job. We all want to get paid as much as possible no matter what kinds of jobs you have. But, seriously, It must have something else you enjoy while you work. I know, I may be too ideal about this, but Don't complain all the time and let me feel you only play ball for money.

This is just something special for sport. Fans crazily root for their teams and spend all the time and energy on because of passion, not money.

Is it just me to feel this way? When I hear so many young players complaining about their low salary, including Cole Hamels, Nick Markakis, Prince Fielder and Jonathan Papelbon( Man, I don't like this guy at all. Compare yourself to Mo? Are you nuts?), I just want to say "Stop worry about money and enjoy what you do. If you do well, your money will come".

I sometimes feel it's a sign of failure in our education to young generation. Right now, more and more young people only care about money and what other people can do for them. In my generation, We care about what we can do to other people. Parents teach us to chase our dream and choose what we love.

Updated: Joba said:"I don't play the game to get paid. The paycheck is a bonus" when Wang said:"Not bad at all, I am happy to have a contract to play baseball" earlier. This is right attitude for me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring training is fun for players, isn't it?

This is a picture that Wang and Joba practice defense taken by Taiwanese media. I really think spring training is only time players who don't have to complete for spots able to relax a little bit. For us as fans, We always can be very optimistic about our team and dream about the possibility of World Series Season, especially Hughes, Igawa and other pitchers just throw a 6-innings perfect game.(I know, I know, this is only a spring training game when you consider most Blue Jays starting lineup were out after rain delay)

Joba and Wang become good friend when Wang was down to minor to rehab his hamstring injury earlier 2007 while Joba was still on the minor at that moment. Wang was driving Joba to ball park and they even did a lot of things together. Joba actually told Taiwanese media they match each other so well because of their totally different personalities.

A small tidbit from Taiwanese media. One day last season, Taiwanese reporter found out Wang wore a different watch which is not the one he used to wear. Wang answer with smile, "Well, this is Joba's watch. Mine is on Joba's hand. He forced me to do this".

Let our bombers have some fun when they are on their way to World Series.

The way to reduce workload from Big Three

This is a quote from Joe Girardi,

"We have to be creative in their(young starters) innings. If we get a chance to take them out of a game when there's a big lead ... that guy(long reliever) becomes very important."

We can sense how Yankees plan to be creative about their innings limitation. I will take a step further. Yankees should do that to every starter once they have a big lead in a game since Yankees have too many good pitchers down their farm. Of course, this doesn't mean take all pitchers out at 5th or 6th inning. But, I mean don't push starters into 8th or 9th inning. This will make Yankees look like using 6-man rotation.

This also can reduce the workload of "better" middle relievers.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I guess no news is good news during spring training. As you guys know, Internet is so expensive in Australia, so I couldn't afford to watch every Yankees spring training games. I was listening to WCBS for Pettitte first spring training game. I actually enjoy listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman, but It's quite difficult to figure out exactly what happened on the field.

I may be too picky about broadcasting because of my background. When I was watching FSN for Mussina first spring training game, I couldn't tell pitcher's location very well from their center-field camera.

By the way, Jason Lane(Defense+Different positions) and Jeff Karstens(pitched well against starting lineup) are impressive so far for me.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A great article about Halladay

Just read a great article about Roy Halladay. This is the quote regard of who is the best pitcher in the American League now,

"It's kind of a non-factor, the reason you play the game is to win and win as a team,"

Go to check this article out if you are interested in more.

Spring Training Game 2:Yankees(Wang)vs Phillies(Eaton)

The most important thing is our bombers going through another day without injury.

Shelley Duncan displayed his impressive righthanded power and a nice scoop at first base. For me, the most impressive thing is his energy. He shows me that when he ran hard for his double and somehow avoid that tag.

Couple of lefty relieves, Billy Traber and Heath Phillips pitched well as well. Keep eyes on them. I expect Girardi will give them more chances to face power left-hand hitters in the future.

Couple of righty relieves, Chris Britton and Jonathan Albaladejo shows ability throw strikes.

I don't know Jesus Montero can stay as a catcher or not, but he certainly can hit without a doubt by hitting that opposite field homer.

Chris Woodward had a good day offensively and defensively. This will give Girardi another option except Nick Green if he wants one more infielder replacement.

Morgan Ensberg had a bad day when he strikeouts two times.

Ranser also had a rough day, but got out of trouble without too many damage. To be fair, I think his command was off, especially when you consider he faced Phillies starting lineup.

Wang pitched two scoreless innings, but I think his location was off. According to several beat reporters' blog, Wang was trying changeup. Wang also told Taiwanese media few days ago, new pitching coach suggested him to bring back his splitter which he saw Wang using that pitch well when he was in the minor league.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

nice feeling

I know. I know. This is just a spring training game against college team, but our big three did pitched great, don't they? At the same time, Santana didn't sound too great, did he? I hate to get into this kind of comparison. I still believe Santana will have a great year barring injury. I only care my New York Yankees. It's too bad we can't watch this game which started by our big three.

Our journey....

My New York Yankees are on their way to go on their 27th championship journey. Are you ready? It seems German people are very good at technology, don't they? My German house-mate fixes our Internet problem in time, so I can join bombers' journey. Are you guys ready?