Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stop worrying about money, just enjoy playing baseball

This is one of reason I am a Yankees fan. It seems Yankees players know what to say. They are doing all the right thing and being classy. No Yankees players complain about their salary issue, including Joba, Wang, Hughes, and Melky. All they worry about is improving themselves and helping Yankees win another Champion.

As a fan, I really don't care how much money players make and I understand playing baseball is their job. We all want to get paid as much as possible no matter what kinds of jobs you have. But, seriously, It must have something else you enjoy while you work. I know, I may be too ideal about this, but Don't complain all the time and let me feel you only play ball for money.

This is just something special for sport. Fans crazily root for their teams and spend all the time and energy on because of passion, not money.

Is it just me to feel this way? When I hear so many young players complaining about their low salary, including Cole Hamels, Nick Markakis, Prince Fielder and Jonathan Papelbon( Man, I don't like this guy at all. Compare yourself to Mo? Are you nuts?), I just want to say "Stop worry about money and enjoy what you do. If you do well, your money will come".

I sometimes feel it's a sign of failure in our education to young generation. Right now, more and more young people only care about money and what other people can do for them. In my generation, We care about what we can do to other people. Parents teach us to chase our dream and choose what we love.

Updated: Joba said:"I don't play the game to get paid. The paycheck is a bonus" when Wang said:"Not bad at all, I am happy to have a contract to play baseball" earlier. This is right attitude for me.

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