Monday, March 24, 2008

Talk about sending message...

Competition for spots in the spring training come down to wire. Of course, Bloggers all come up with tons of different prediction on the Opening roster based on variable reasons or personal observations, including me.

Obviously, There are two spots for bench and three spots for bullpen up for grab. There is less controversy for bench spots which probably goes to Betemit and Ensberg. The safe bet for three bullpen spot will be Bruney, Traber, Karstens which is my prediction. But, If Girardi decides to choose Ross Ohlendorf(long reliever), Scott Patterson and Traber, this move probably will say a lot about Joe Girardi.

But, again, even if Girardi goes to safe bet, I won't disappoint because this is long season. The ones make it to opening day roster don't guarantee to stay with us the whole season.


Mike said...

Karstens has had a horrible spring, which he continued today. I hope JG doesn't take him.

I think you'll see Igawa (because of the money he makes), Henn (because he's out of options) and Ohlendorf.

In the utility roll you'll see Betemit (because Cash likes him) and Ensberg.

Jessica Lee said...

If I have to choose between Karstens and Ranser, I will goes to Ranser because I always feel Ranser has better stuff than Karstens, not because of spring training stats.

Mike said...

I would take Rasner over Igawa but Ig makes too much money for the Yanks to send him to AAA and admit that they botched up signing him.

I like your blog Jess. I will add you to my friends roll.

Check out mine.

Jessica Lee said...

I add your blog to my blog roll as well. I definitely will keep eyes on your blog for sure.

Thanks to your warm words. Glad to hear you like my blog and hopefully, you can understand what i said. I am very appreciated at that.

Sure, Yankees will give Igawa every chance to succeed. According to my observations on Japanese pitchers for many years, I am still shocked how poor Igawa's command.

Anonymous said...

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Jessica Lee said...

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