Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Couple of plays from my Taiwanese National Team during Final Olympic Qualification Tournament

I don't know you guys know this news or not. There are eight national baseball teams playing in Taiwan for Final Olympic Qualification Tournament which these 8 countries fight for the last 3 tickets to 2008 Beijing Olympics now, including Korea, Taiwan(Chinese Taipei-TPE in the videos below), Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Spain and South Africa. The current standing is Korea and Canada probably in for two tickets and Taiwan have to fight for the last ticket with Australia today because Taiwan lost to Canada 5-6 in a 10-innings game yesterday.

There are couple of plays I want to share with you guys. I have to warn you guys first, these two videos are broadcasting in Mandarin and are cut from the game Taiwan vs Canada.

First one (below)is the Kuo Hui Lo's homerun at 6 inning to reverse score at that moment. The reason I want to share you guys this video is showing how much passion Taiwanese have for baseball and our national team. You don't have to understand Mandarin to feel that when you watch this video. By the way, Kuo Hui Lo is a outfielder prospect in Seattle Mariners minor(A). Did you see he hitting that off-speed pitch to center field for three-runs homerun?

Second one (below)is a collision at home plate happened at the same game when Taiwanese right outfielder threw out a Canada player and preserve the lead at that moment. You can see replays from different angles for that play in the middle of film. You also can sense the intense throughout whole video while enjoy and appreciate that great play at the same time.

After watching these two videos, you can sense how high expectation Taiwanese have for Wang.

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