Friday, March 28, 2008

Terrible Defense? I don't think so...

I can't wait season starting. You guys are probably on the same boat.

You can tell players can't wait as well. How can I say this? well, see their defense. It seems they lose their concentration a little bit. I think they will be fine once season starts.

Betemit and Ensberg don't look too comfortable at second base and first base, but they did made few pretty plays. If they get more playing time on those positions, I think they will be good enough over there.

Of course, I am not going to miss Shelley Duncan diving catch at right field. I don't think there is any Yankees fan don't like Shelley Duncan playing. So exciting!

I think Shelley Duncan play better at right field than first base while Ensberg has potential to be good as a first baseman. I just don't think Giambi will be able play first base the whole season. On top of that, It seems Shelley's defense at right fielder is better than Abreu with strong throwing arm as well.


DisabledMess said...

Great blog you have here. Let's exchange links.

Jessica Lee said...

no problem. I definitely will keep eyes on your blog. Nice to meet you.