Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two bullpen at two days in a row?

It looks like we get ourselves a coach staff who all work very hard. No doubt, Dave Eiland certainly is qualified to this compliment.

In order to let Wang fix his delivery whenever he is in the windup or out of stretch, Dave Eiland asks Wang to repeat his delivery many times without holding the ball during the whole Spring training. They often do this the day after Wang's normal bullpen session.

On top of that, Dave Eiland asked Wang to have another bullpen session yesterday that was the day after Wang's normal bullpen session. This bullpen was only for his slider which is the most inconsistent pitch during the whole spring training. He tries to let Wang remember the correct delivery for slider.

I am glad to hear Wang and coach staff working hard for improvement, but is this a little bit too much? I don't know. I am not an expert on pitching.

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