Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I just notice this news from Taiwanese media. Wang threw 75 pitches bullpen section for 25 minutes yesterday. 75 pitches?? Is it too much?

Also, Peter just posted pitching lineup for today game. Joba will pitch ahead of Kennedy?? I think Kennedy pitched ahead of Joba the last couple of games before today game. Does this mean something? Does this mean Joba lead the case ahead of Kennedy for a spot in the rotation? I don't know. I may read into too much. How do you guys think?


yanks26 said...

They are alternating who starts and relieves. Last game they flipped a coin to see who was the starter.

Last game that they both pitched (against the Twins), Ian started and Joba relieved.

Jessica Lee said...

Good analysis, but If Kennedy is in the bullpen, he will be a long reliever we need. This may release a spot for another reliever as well because there will be no need for two long relievers.