Saturday, March 8, 2008

Just my two cents, You can have yours as well...

I am a loyal reader and big fan of Peter's blog because of extra info we can get regard for our Yankees and some great analysis from his point of view, but sometimes I don't agree with what he say. There are two examples as follows.

First of all, This is Peter's take regard for Joba's renewed contract. I talked about this issue before and I stick to my words. You can say I am naive, but there is true story from my side which prove my belief that money is not everything for some people.

I change my jobs couple of times during my career so far because I want to face new challenge and participate more film/TV show productions, not for money for sure. I took less money for that job.

Secondly, This is another Peter's take about a small meeting called from Joe Girardi with Kennedy and Joba. Actually, According to NY Post, Alan Horne was at that meeting as well. This is the quote from Joe Girardi about what he said during meeting on NY Post,

"I enjoy that part of the game," Girarid said. ""I talked a little bit(yesterday). I talk to Ian and Joba and Alan Horne, just talked about things I saw and the importance of establishing the fastball and pitching in. It was just pitching strategy."

Yes, It's about throwing strikes, but I won't come up with that analysis Peter said. Being a former catcher who always try hard to get most out of pitchers, Joe Girardi just wants to teach kids about pitching and tries to get most out of pitchers.

Ha! What is wrong with that throwing-strikes message? I for one can't stand pitchers don't throw strikes. I rather see them giving up hits than free passes.

Don't worry, Peter. I still love your blog.

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