Sunday, March 23, 2008

How can someone not love Shelley Duncan?

I guess they know the weather in Tampa will be this bad before the game, that's why they make up some "injury" for Pettitte and Cano in order to keep them dry. Of course, I am just kidding, but I hope that's the case.

I know all the Yankees can't wait to cancel this game and they probably hope this game was never being played when you consider Yankees' terrible defense on the field, but I actually like what I saw.

First of all, I rather they make some mistakes and notice those problems during spring training than find them out at regular season games.

Secondly, Jonathan Albaladejo and Scott Patterson all pitched well. I know, I know, Albaladejo gave up 6 runs in the first inning, but he didn't really give up many hard hit balls. I think he need to strength his mental toughness. As Scott Patterson's case, I start to wonder is it just because of spring training? or can he succeed in the regular season? I really want to find out. Let's wait and see Girardi's decision regard for 25-men roster which will be interesting.

Finally, How can someone not love Shelley Duncan? He did missed a fly ball in the left field, but he came back for that amazing catch. It will be great to see how he will do this season.


yanks26 said...

We both agreed on wanting Ransom to make the club, but doubting whether it would actually happen.

Scott Patterson could be in the same category. He's retired all but one of his twenty something batters he's retired. I don't know what else he could've done. With that said, the competition is fierce. Edwar Ramirez has gotten into a groove and back into consideration. Brian Bruney has been showing better, but could be a spring training tease again. Ohlendorf, whom I thought was a lock, had a couple of shakey outings but will be given some more chances. Albaladejo, who didn't get much help yesterday, didn't bail out his fielders and didn't help his chances by not competing.

Maybe Farnsworth can be traded and open up another slot? I don't think he'll ever be consistent enough to be a setup on a championship team.

Mike said...

Unless Ensberg had a horrible spring. Guys like Ransom had no chance. Ensberg is the right choice.

I would take Patterson, Albaladejo and Ramirez any day over Farnsworth and Hawkins!!

Nobody will take Farnsworth from the Yankees because of the money the Yankees are wasting on him.

Jessica Lee said...

Competition in this spring training is great. It's probably very difficult for Yankees coach staff and front office to make wrong decision.

Competition for bullpen spots is extremely strong. This is the reason I feel we may have strong bullpen this season, not even mention how many sleepers we have down the minor.

I am kind of having a feeling Kyle won't stay with us the whole season and Hawkins may have a good season.

Mike said...

Hawkins will be DFA by July 1. Farnsworth will stay, they are paying him way too much to release or trade him. Plus he's buds with Joe G.

Hopefully they will discover that these 2 stink before its too late in the season.

Jessica Lee said...

I still hope both have a great season.