Monday, March 31, 2008

How can you come up with this prediction?

I read and listened through many predictions for 2008 season because I want to know how they make these predictions even though I am not interested in making prediction at all . I sometimes can't understand some people's logic of their predictions.

Here is the example. If you predict that Yankees are not going to make the playoff because of our pitching staff in spite of our strong offense, how can you predict that Tigers are going to win it all because of their strong offense despite their suspect pitching staff? The same logic apply to Red Sox's pitching staff as well. If you suspect Yankees' pitching staff, how can you not to suspect Red Sox's pitching staff?

How about those picks for Angels or Mariners over Yankees when Angels got two ACEs out and Mariners' questionable pitching staff? Come on, guys. I know Felix Hernandez and Erik Bedard are great "ACEs", but When Felix is going to put everything together while Bedard step in and out of DL all the time. On top of that, who are their No.3 to No.5 pitcher?



Todd Drew said...

I predict the Yankees will win because they are my team. I don’t think I need a better reason than that.

Now, I’m going to get some breakfast and walk over to the Stadium. Batting practice starts in three and a half hours. Let’s play ball!

Jessica Lee said...

absolutely, I am with you. That's why I can't make a unbiased prediction.

WoW!You got opening day ticket. I wish I can be there for last opening day of Old Yankees stadium.

It sounds like you live very close to Yankees Stadium. Is it still early to get to park? Anyway, Have a good game.

Anonymous said...

Every year called...experts down play the Yanks. Why should this year be different? Let the games begin. 27/08.

yanks26 said...

I think some of the experts pick certain teams to be anti Yankee (it brings ratings on ESPN) and also make crazy picks like the Cubs to be different.

Game & ceremony is delayed to rain. It's drizzling in NY now, but it's supposed to stop.

I'm getting all these emails from and reminding me that it's opening day. Good thing that they told me!

Jessica Lee said...

I don't mind they don't pick Yankees as favorite because being underdog team may have some advantage, but it sounds silly when they use different logic to make predictions.

I don't think our Yankees fans need someone to remind them for this. Hopefully, we can get this game under way.

angel said...

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