Monday, March 24, 2008

One good thing about Andy's minor back spasms, if there is any...

I already said I stop worrying about Andy Pettitte on the preview post, so I am not going to eat my words even though it seems there are more bad news about Andy's back coming out. I wrote a post few days ago to predict 2008 opening roster. This was part of post regard for our rotation as follow,

Rotation(5)...I don't think Joe Girardi will put them in this kind of order, but this is the order I will run based on pitching style, limited inning cap, and possible bullpen use. I don't care much about who should be in which slot.

Chien-Ming Wang
lan Kennedy
Andy Pettitte
Phil Hughes
Mike Mussina

The reason I want to put rotation in this kind of order is separating both Wang and Pettitte who are inning eaters and Kennedy and Mussina who have similar pitching style, especially when you consider Kennedy has high inning limit than Hughes'.

So, If Andy's minor back spasms just push him back to one slot, this move actually separates Wang and Pettitte which is not a bad move at all. Of course, It won't kill me to switch Kennedy and Hughes' slot since it seems Hughes has higher ceiling. On top of that, Hughes did has more major league experience than Kennedy as well.

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