Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a great honor for Wang

There is no surprise Wang get opening start honor. Congrats to Wang and all Taiwanese because I can't help thinking Wang will be the last Opening Starter at that historic old Yankees Stadium. What a honor!

It seems Morgan Ensberg is going to make the team. I pick Cody Ransom over him that look like there is very slim chance for Ransom to make the team now. Wrong prediction, but I did said as follow,

The reason Cashman want Morgan Ensberg is an insurance of Shelley Duncan. Just in case, Shelley Duncan can't keep his production this season, so I won't surprise at Ensberg getting last spot as well if Ransom accept to go to minor.

By the way, Wang told Taiwanese media why this is great honor for him because his first major start was at this old Yankees stadium. Therefore, Being the last opening starter at this old Yankees stadium means a lot for him.

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