Monday, March 17, 2008


There are few impressive things happened at yesterday spring training game which was a rematch of Game 1 ALDS last season.

In my opinion, Wang actually pitched better than scoreline if you did watch game. Wang was using his four-seamers, two-seamers(sinkers), sliders, changeup very well at the same time(7K is evidence), but this is not the most impressive thing for me.

After two terrible playoff games against Indians, Wang has guts and right mentality to practice all his pitches against Indians, not to care about outcome. Actually, Wang is doing that whole spring and throw all stats out of window. If I were him, I may try to pay attention on scoreline more in order to erase people's concern.

Scott Patterson(pitch great against opponents' starting lineup)and Brett Garner(great speed) are really impressive so far.

Shelley Duncan's right-hander power is very impressive as well. I notice this, If pitchers throw him great sliders to outside corner, he actually strike out a lot on that pitch. But, Man, if you miss, he hit one out. On top of that, he did has good eye and don't swipe anything.

Updated: After reading through news from Taiwanese media, Wang also threw splitters. He said he still has some problems with sliders and need to work it out.

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