Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring training is fun for players, isn't it?

This is a picture that Wang and Joba practice defense taken by Taiwanese media. I really think spring training is only time players who don't have to complete for spots able to relax a little bit. For us as fans, We always can be very optimistic about our team and dream about the possibility of World Series Season, especially Hughes, Igawa and other pitchers just throw a 6-innings perfect game.(I know, I know, this is only a spring training game when you consider most Blue Jays starting lineup were out after rain delay)

Joba and Wang become good friend when Wang was down to minor to rehab his hamstring injury earlier 2007 while Joba was still on the minor at that moment. Wang was driving Joba to ball park and they even did a lot of things together. Joba actually told Taiwanese media they match each other so well because of their totally different personalities.

A small tidbit from Taiwanese media. One day last season, Taiwanese reporter found out Wang wore a different watch which is not the one he used to wear. Wang answer with smile, "Well, this is Joba's watch. Mine is on Joba's hand. He forced me to do this".

Let our bombers have some fun when they are on their way to World Series.

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