Friday, March 28, 2008

Do you worry about Wang? You're kidding, right?

What is wrong with Wang? After having a terrible playoff series, He doesn't have good spring training as well. Well, This is probably what you think, isn't it? My take? Wang has spoilt us for a long time. We used to get great performance from him all the time. We are shocked when he struggle. I am not trying to compare Wang to Mo, but it seems familiar to Mo's story. Wang just went through growing pain period which he need to think and learn how to pitch. I think Wang used to throw without thinking and setting up hitters. But, he is still able to maintain certain level of success at the same time when he goes through all of these.

I was so amazed that so many Yankees fans worry about Wang, including a lot of my countrymen. I will concern about that when this happens couple of times in the regular season. Come on, guys. Spring training stats doesn't mean anything. The ones who get spots often work on something for new coming season.

In Wang's case, He told Taiwanese media, He uses the whole spring training to refine his slider, change-up, splitters and the location of four-seamers which he wants to locate insider to left-handers. On top of that, He work hard to fix his delivery as well. As long as he stay healthy, he will be fine. I rather all Yankees players struggle something during spring training than regular season because they can find out what is wrong with him without paying for that.

I was listening to that game yesterday. Wang's trouble basically come in the second inning. He at least got two DP which Cano and A-Rod made errors. If they were making that play, Wang would be out of inning with 1 ER without throwing that many pitches(27 in that innings, 76 pitches overall). Today, we will probably talk about Wang's spring training ending at a high note which will be something like 1ER in 6 innings. I saw video of Cano and A-Rod's error plays on Taiwanese news. Those plays are so easy and those ground balls are so weak. They should turn it.

You know what, the most good thing about yesterday game for me is Wang's reaction. He didn't use any excuses during post-game interview with Taiwanese media. He basically went on saying anything you can image he have to improve. You guys have to understand one thing. Wang basically can say whatever he wants to Taiwanese media because all Taiwanese crazily root for him and stand on his side without rationality, including Taiwanese media. I hope I am not complete in that group. Most Yankees fans in USA won't hear that.

Only thing I will concern a little bit is his velocity. The Phillies announcers said this on the radio during the game. They said Wang's velocity not anywhere near last game they face him. I said one thing earlier on this post and expressed my concern as well,

On top of that, Dave Eiland asked Wang to have another bullpen session yesterday that was the day after Wang's normal bullpen session.

I am glad to hear Wang and coach staff working hard for improvement, but is this a little bit too much?

I think two bullpens lead to drop of Wang's velocity. Yankees coach staff probably notice this by now. Working hard is good, but be careful, guys. We need Wang to throw 200+ innings for us this season.

Are you still worrying? Check out these stats as follow,

Brandon Webb's final tuneup allowed seven runs -- five earned -- on 10 hits over 4 1/3 innings against the Angels and finished the spring with an 8.50 ERA.

Halladay had yielded 10 runs (four earned) on nine hits with three strikeouts and one walk in four-plus innings on his final tuneup as well. Of course, The same story as Wang's. There are few errors behind him.

Roy Halladay had a lot of good quotes after the game. Check it out.

Instead of worring about Wang, how about laughing at that bunt Wang put down during the game. I was laughing so hard during broadcasting.

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