Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quiet Yankees camp so far, right?

I believe most Yankees fans have this feeling. I think Joe Girardi is the reason for that. The audio of Joe Girardi regard for Joba's issue on Peter's blog tell it all. He said he has hard time to tell much, but he will tell the truth. This is part of post I wrote back to February about Girardi as follow,

Couple of things I saw so far from Girardi are great. I don't know he does them by nature or by design, but I like them. He makes sure to answer questions as short as he can. I believe the less he says, the less mistakes he makes and the less stories reporters or talk show hosts can write or talk about. He also said his message to players is simple: "healthy and care about him"

I also can tell couple of things about Joe Girardi' manager's style during spring training games so far. Joe Girardi will play a lot of small ball, pay attention stats or matchup, move runners, steal base and pitch inside to David Ortiz(retaliation? protect Yankees players? HA!).


Todd Drew said...

Joe Girardi has made as smooth a transition as possible. He is the right man to lead this team.

Jessica Lee said...

absolutely. No doubt. No offense to Joe Torre. They are different and I like them both.