Sunday, February 17, 2008

Does Joe Girardi try to send soft messages out?

I don't think too many people can move their eyes away from our new manager Joe Girardi. A lot of news, reports and columns already flood in. The most analysis is all about how the tough, hardworking, organized guy Joe Girardi is. As far as I am concerned, I like what I saw so far from Girardi. Posada even said to reporters he expect Girardi will be tougher and more critical of them than Joe Torre.

Front get-go, first sentence for his first interview on the first workout of Spring training. Joe Girardi said:"This things I prepared for months and bomb here it's...". You can tell from his answers to every reporters' questions. He was well prepared for every words came out his mouth. Every questions is regarding for Joba's position as a setup man or a starting pitcher. He never change his answer. One time he even correct himself and rearrange few words he says about Joba.

In addition, Girardi not only mentions couple of reporters' names during the whole interview but also cracks up few jobs along the way.

Couple of things I saw so far from Girardi are great. I don't know he does them by nature or by design, but I like them. He makes sure to answer questions as short as he can. I believe the less he says, the less mistakes he makes and the less stories reporters or talk show hosts can write or talk about. He also said his message to players is simple: "healthy and care about him"

The most impressive thing he has done is sending some soft messages out to players.

First of all, He brings all three kids to camp with him. He and his wife are playing with them on the field after workout every day. His kids wrote some words down and drew some pictures on the board. They said:"We love you, dad. You are the best".

Secondly, The first thing he told to all pitchers was not trying too hard now. Take it easy and tell them you can't make the team in two days. He understand players are eager to impress people, but it's easy for them to get hurt when their arm strength is not there yet.

Thirdly, He not only spent 30 minutes with Kei Igawa in order to understand him more but also said the most impressive thing he saw from Kyle is his easy emotion without talking to him because he felt Kyle is relax and was not trying to impress him at his first bullpen of Spring training.

So, What's my conclusion? Joe Girardi understands players. If we have a injury free season, we are going to have a great season ahead without questions.

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