Sunday, February 17, 2008

A great interview about Wang from a great Taiwanese Yankees beat reporter

Yes, another post about Wang. I am sorry; It’s very hard for me not to write about Wang, so please stand me for that.

This is a great interview by a great Taiwanese Yankees beat reporter with Wang today. Want to share with you guys. She uses Q&A form for that because we all know Wang is so quiet no matter which language he speaks.

Reporter: I know you took a shower for very long time after ALDS Game 4 last year.
Wang: mm, I was very angry at myself. Very angry.

Reporter: I know you had a travel plan for off-season with family. What happened? Cancel?
Wang: Yes, I cancelled all the plan and stayed at NY home for one month.

Reporter: What were you doing for that one month? Keep thinking? Don't want to face or think about it?
Wang: I kept thinking about that for whole month. Yankees gave me game DVDs I kept watching and thought what I was wrong with me. Try to find out the problems for improvement in the future.

Reporter: So, choose to face it?
Wang: mm, tried to learn new things before new season

Reporter: What did you learn from that?
Wang: Trust my stuff. Don’t think what will happen after every pitch. Don’t drop my arm and keep my arm at the same position for every pitch.

Reporter: You told American media you pitched badly because you were tired during playoff?
Wang: This is not what I mean. I said I couldn’t lift my arm, couldn’t keep the ball down, my body is wide open and my delivery is terrible.

Reporter: Is fatigue part of reason for that?
Wang: m..m..I think..m..m ..just a little bit

Reporter: Did you ever think about telling coach? Especially Game 4 for three days rest
Wang: mm… But, I have velocity….

Reporter: So, you don’t know why?
Wang: Yes

Reporter: Any teammates or fans comfort you or help you out when you were so upset during the period of time?
Wang: mm.. I didn’t get calls from teammates too much, but I am so emotional when I went back to Taiwan because Taiwanese fans still trust me and believe me.


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