Saturday, February 23, 2008

Damm… I hate this…

I have been moving around different places and countries the past 10 years. Because of that, I thought I am very good at making adjustments and getting used to new environment. As you guys know, I love new culture,stuffs and challenges. I got to Australia almost 5 months ago. One thing in Australia I hate and can’t get used to is how to use internet.

In Taiwan(also in America), you pay fixed fee for umlimited internet. You can do whatever you want no matter how long you need online.You even can use internet everywhere in Taiwan. In Australia, You need to calculate usage when you use internet. As long as you stay online and create traffic, you’re using usage. Don’t even think about downloading some music or films. The internet is so experience in Australia because their population is not enough. I can’t image what I can do once baseball season starts.

Right now, I even can’t use internet every day. For example, I posted these couple of posts at my Japanese friends home by using her internet. Sometimes, I need to write my posts in the word format first and post them once I get my chances to use internet. Damm… I hate this…So, please be patient and forgive me if you guys get to my blog and don’t find new posts…Sorry….

Is this kind of illness when I can’t live without internet?


danny said...

Rough !!

Jessica Lee said...

yes. I know. Because of sparse population in Australia, the internet is so expensive.