Friday, February 8, 2008


I for one don't cheer any player on other teams to get injury. I just hope Yankees have injury free 2008 season. I think you guys probably know Curt Schilling has a should injury by now. The most interesting part of Schilling's comment about his shoulder on his 38pitches blog for me is this,

"Things have changed since then and I contacted the team early last month with concerns and we’ve been working diligently to resolve them"

It seems I am right about Red Sox's intention on the Johan Santana Sweepstakes back to December because Red Sox front office knew Curt Schilling's injury when they still have a chance to get Santana. Instead of chasing Santana more aggressively to replace Curt Schilling with Santana, Red Sox front office pulled a lot of main pieces off table and chose to stay put.

Just image Yankees get Santana and this Curt Schilling's injury news came out, how panic Red Sox nation will be. But, again, just like Jeter said earlier, he doesn't care what other teams do and he only cares about Yankees. I am with Jeter. The one plays better on the field wins ball game, not on the paper.


Old Ranger said...

There would be a crying, wailing an gnashing of teeth if the Yanks had pulled the trigger on Santana.
I for one, am still glad we didn't get him, for many reasons. Let the games begin!
Just in case; There was a lot of poker and some other game(name? it is always played) everyone had fun. I lost $35 in the game with no name! 27/08.

Jessica Lee said...

I am not very good at those card games as well, but I always get some bonus from my mom always wins a lot.

In Taiwan, there are two kinds of card games we play a lot during Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, I don't know their English names. One card game which No.2 is the biggest number between no.1 to 12 when you play. The other begins at the one has No.7 and every one takes turn to give one card at one time.

I try to explain those two card games. Hopefully, you understand what I said. If you don't, that's fine and don't worry about that because it probably results from my poor English.

Old Ranger said...

I should have said; I played the game badly. I never know what I am doing so I have one of the young girls help me out...that's one of the benefits of being the oldest in the family. I still had fun. Your writing is very good, don't worry about English, after all it is one of the hardest languages in the world , isn't it?
Good luck for the coming year. 27/08