Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't panic,Yankees fans...

Red Sox recent offer to Twins(Jon Lester,Coco Crisp,Jed Lowry and Justin Masterson) is not going to get it done.Red Sox have to put Clay Buchholz or/and Jacoby Ellsbury into any package to Twins in order to make me think Red Sox are serious at getting Santana.Otherwise,they are just trying to drive Yankees price up.Up to that point,If I were Cashman,I would not put Hughes into my offer.I still believe a package with Melky,Kennedy,other prospects from minors will get it done because I still think Yankees is the only team serious about getting Santana other than Mets(they don't have enough prospects for this).No matter what happen,I won't give up Joba and Cano and I won't give up both Hughes and Kennedy too.On top of that,I don't think Santana want to go to Boston's staff with Beckett,Curt,Dice-k.There are a lot of egos involving with these guys.

Most Yankees fans must think Red Sox will win it all,if Red Sox gets Santana from Twins to go along with Beckett,Curt and Dice-k by giving up these prospects.Don't panic,Yankees fans.Baseball game is team effort sport.Baseball game is playing on the field,not on the paper.No one know what is going to happen.Is Curt a lock to be health for whole season?Does Dice-K pitch better than 2007 for sure?Which version of Beckett will show up in 2008?2006 version or 2007 version?My favorite Taiwanese pro baseball team is a underdog team all the time.I know that feeling.The reality is you can't predict the future.It won't kill me to start the season with upgrade bullpen without Santana,but assuming Pettitte coming back.Remember,Yankees hold winning record with Red Sox by using the rotation they have now.Of course,We don't have Rocket this season but we have three kids for whole season.

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