Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How lucky we are as yankee fans....

When rumors surround with Santana trade,I realize how lucky we are as yankee fans.Some owners kill them to spend money;Others kill them to lose games.We have an owner is willing to upgrade our favorite team no matter the costs.That's why most yankees fans seem to play fanstay baseball league all the time.Image this....Next March...We have a rotation include Santana.Wang.Pettitte.Joba....WoW!!!

But,I will say this again on my blog.It's much more enjoyable for me to root for guys I like and win champion with them.As a baseball fan,enjoyment of watching every regular season game is essential for me during long baseball season.Hopefully,I have chances to watch Hughes,Kennedy,Melky,Wang.etc. playing for us 2008 season.It will be sad and feel hurt for me to watch Hughes,Kennedy,Melky or Wang wearing another team uniform.

If you ask me now,I think Santana will get traded this off-season.Twins are not going to make the same mistake which they let Hunter go without getting anything back.Of course,Twins can get draft picks for that.If Twins have second chance for Hunter,they probably choose to trade him before 2007 season or 2007 trade deadline and get some prospects back for him.If I were Twins front office,I would save all money to sign Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer no matter how good Santana will be.There is bigger risk to give huge contract to pitchers than position players.Even though Twins have new stadium coming and PR get crashed for Hunter leaving recently,I still feel Twins fans are used to accept taking prospects for the player they can't afford as a small market team.They can get better offer during off-season for Santana.They also have Francisco Liriano come back from Tommy John surgery.

From Yankees point of view,Yankees already spent too much on winning now and it kills yankee front office to see Red Sox's celebration twice for 4 years.Plus,Brian Cashman is on the last year of his contract and Hank Steinbrenner wants to make a statement when he takes over Yankee from his father for the first year.

I think Yankees front office will try to get Santana at appropriate prices because huge contract Santana will ask for.There are not so many teams can afford that price.Angels and Dodgers need hitting not pitching.I doubt Santana want to go to pitch in West or NL as well.Mets don't have enough prospects to win this battle over Yankees.

Santana is better suit to Yankees stadium than Fenway Park.You can get the evidence for that from Santana's career stats at Yankees stadium and Fenway Park.I doubt Santana want to be co-ace with Josh Beckett as well.Santana will be clear ace and savior in Yankees staff and doesn't have to share ace status with somebody.If Red Sox give that huge contract to Santana,how much they are gonna give Beckett two years later.On top of that,Red Sox are not willing to part with Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz.The only chance for Red Sox to have Santana is to put these two players into package for Twins.

If I were Yankees front office,I would try to get Joe Nathan as Mo's set up man as well and treat him as a replacement for MO in the near future.On top of that,We have to get Pettitte back as well even if we get Santana.

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