Monday, November 12, 2007

I wish I have a father like Andy Pettitte

It's shame for someone even doubt why Andy want to consider retirement.Drugs for better performance??I don't care.For me,It touches my heart how much Andy devote to his family.I am sort of growing up in a single family.My father couldn't remember which grade I study all the time.Don't even talk about attending any event.It's so nice to hear someone care about his family so much.

Somebody maybe say "Come on,Andy.You are still young.You have tons of time left for your family in the future."I couldn't disagree with that more.In my opinion,As parents,you have to enjoy every moment with your children.When time pasts,something or some events never come back and you never get another chance to make up.When I was hoping my father to attend some events which were hold by school,he never came and I never have good relationship with my father.As much as I want Andy back for 2008 season,I won't disappoint he chooses retirement,especially for someone already made a lot of money. Baseball is not the most important thing in the life.Love is.Of course,Love from Yankees fans also will be driving force to let Andy back.Let's hope we have showing enough love to Andy.

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