Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Enough is enough!A-Rod

I am so sick and tired of soap opera about A-Rod.Just few days,"sources"close to A-Rod said he didn't say he didn't want to play for Yankees and he even wanted to take a pay cut to talk to Yankees.And today,"sources"close to A-Rod said Red Sox is his first choice because Red Sox can win multiple championships.Come on,A-Rod,make up your mind.Don't play games.

For A-Rod,It's all about money and himself.Don't even believe what A-Rod say again.Right now,Boras and A-Rod are playing game about generating money as much as they.He has no loyalty to any team at all.That's why Yankees should be careful about trade.When you trade away young products from farm with heart,soul and loyalty to Yankees and know how to deal with pressure.Right now,A-Rod tries to play game with Yankees by pulling Red Sox into this stuff.Please listen to me,Yankees.Don't let A-Rod and Boras stimulate you.They can't play this money game without Yankees involving.

I will say this again.Let A-Rod leave.Yankees won't win a championship with A-Rod this kind of player who only cares about himself and his stats.Good Luck,Red Sox.Hopefully,you guys get Red Sox and never win a championship again.A-Rod is very good at piling up sexy stats,but he can't delivery when game is on the line.During four years tenure with Yankees,how many we see A-Rod couldn't even delivery a ground ball or sacrifice fly when one man on third with less than two outs.


Ben said...

I agree -- time to say goodbye to ARod, and use the money for something else. I'm sick of talking about him, reading about him, looking at him -- let him go to San Frnacisco and be the next Barry Bonds (without the steroids).

Welcome back, Jessica.

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks,ben.I finally got back.Great to have you back as well.A-Rod is all about him.He came to Yankees and said he knew He got best chances for getting ring.Now,He said he knew Red Sox will get multiple champions.Yikes.