Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Posada is back,What a great news,But???

I am so glad to hear Posada's great news.He is back pending physical exam and then will be announced officially by New York Yankees,But how come Posada's signing news come before Mo's signing news?This gets me nervous.I kind of expect Yanks to sign Mo before signing Posada.Posada proves to us he really wants to stay with Yankees because he made a decision before hearing offers from other teams once Yankees offered him 4-year deal.

Is it something wrong on Mo's deal?Mo even said:"Yanks are my first choice,but there is always Joe and Dodgers."Mo is free agent now,so anything is possible.Mo and his agent even choose to stay out of US at this period of time which Mo is going to be free agent.The good news is Mo and his agent on their way back and Yanks already made an improved offer.Hopefully,I think too much.We can hear Mo's good news soon.

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