Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taiwan beat Japan(6:1) and Spain(8:4)

Baseball World Cup 2007 Update....

OH!YA!!My Taiwan team beat Japan(6:1) yesterday and Spain(8:4) this afternoon when Team USA was beat by Italy(2:6) by a surprise.Team USA is going to meet Japan this evening now,so you guys.Go to IBAF website and root for your team USA if you are Americans.

After watching these two games when my Taiwan team beat Japan and Spain.I affirm my opinion about mission for yankees off-season.They need to keep all the pitching they have(Joba.Hughes.Kennedy.Wang.maybe some top prospects in the minors) which assumes Andy come back to pitch at least one more season and go out upgrading their bullpen.This is their priority.Why?My Taiwan team won both games,but it is important to know how they win it.I was so nervous when I was watching second game we play Spain because we don't have good starting pitcher on that game.Because of having good starting pitcher on the first game we play Japan,I was so relax when I was watching.Fortunately,We have strong bullpen on the second game and that's why we win the second game.

The only offense they need to do is to get a decent third baseman and maybe get couple of contact hitters who can put the ball in play and don't strike too much.For 2008 season,on the offense part of game,yankees need to change the way they score runs.For the past few seasons,yankees always wait long ball and big inning and a lot of hitters in that lineup just want to hit homers to be heroes.This is not right.When I watched my Taiwan team playing,That is the way to score runs.We have couple of big power hitters in the lineup,but most hitters know how to execute tactics from coach staff(including small ball) and put the ball in play even though sometimes they have to sacrifice themselves.We add a lot of runs on moving runs and putting ball in play successfully.Of course,our hitters can execute well when we need a sacrifice fly or ground ball.Yankees need a team with a lot of players(like Jeter..) don't care about their personal stats and care about everything can take them to win ballgame.

I will say this again.I may be wrong about this but time will tell.I don't think Twins will give up Santana.I think they will find a way to keep him.If Twins can't keep him in the end,Santana will not sign extension with no matter which team trade for him.Santana will go into free agent no matter what.We can get him in 2009 with new stadium coming up.Don't trade away any our good farm products for him.It's not worth it.Image this,in 2009,our rotation will be Santana,Wang,Joba,Hughes,Kennedy among others top prospects.Maybe we can see Pettitte to pitch in the new stadium too.

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