Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ok!!Unbelievable bad things keep happening to Yankees?????

Obviously,This off-season has been so frustrating to most yankees fans.After watching Red Sox celebrating,Yankees fans have to watch Red Sox signing players and build up for future among other teams.On the other hand,in the Yankees land,things couldn't get any worse than that.After Torre left,A-Rod optioned out and Mo and Posada may test free agents,Andy Pettitte decline his 2008 option as well,so all of these is unbelievable bad things keeping coming.

Are you in this mood,Yankees fans???If you were,you would listen to me because I am not.First of all,I love Joe Torre as a great human being and as a manager as well,but It's time for change.I like Joe Girardi replace Joe Torre.He will be great in 2008 season.

Second,I am glad to hear A-Rod optioning out his contract and Yankees seems to keep his word for letting him go.We don't need a lineup full with all stars who care about their stats more than winning ball games.We need solid,gritty,team-first ball players to move runners up.That's yankees' problem since 2004.We either score tons of runs or very few runs.We keep waiting for that big innings all the time.That's why most of our pitchers seems to get tons of run supporters,but we have problems about winning games.We lose a lot of close games and playoff games because of that.

As far as I think Mo,Posada and Pettitte.This is my opinion.We can find out it turns out to be true or not.Mo,Posada and Pettitte are not A-Rod.They love Yankees and want to be yankees. you can't say that to every players.It just takes some time and efforts to get them back.Mo will be first one to sign a deal I think and Pettitte will be last one.The only reason for Posada tests free agent because he wants to get one more year from yankees.That's all.Pettitte is exhausted at this moment.Once yankees agree to give him one more player option for 2009 and spring traning comes to the corner,he will be back.Mo will take the best deal he can get from yankees before even talking to other teams.

Our Yankee team has been in transition from 2005.I believe 2008 will be the last year of transition.When the new stadium open in 2009,we will have a new dynasty of New York Yankees if we hold on most talented prospects without trading them.There is old saying going,"A crisis is a chance"

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