Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yes!!Taiwan Beat Italy 1:0 in baseball world cup 2007

WoW!I almost stop breathing during the whole game.Yes,It's is the same team beat Team USA 6:2 two days ago.Why?We have better offense than Team USA?Of course not.We scored that run on the bottom of 9th inning on a walk-off single.Offense is always the weakest part of Taiwan baseball game.There are only two good things about Taiwanese offense.First of all,Our hitters are patient.Second,we don't strike out too much and always put the ball in play.

The way Taiwan team win ball game is to put more balls in play and score some runs when pitchers have to pitch their best to keep scores as low as they can.That's why we produce so many pitchers along the way.The reason for successful international tournament for Taiwan is pitching.At that game vs Italy,Our Taiwanese pitcher pitched 9IP shot-out game with 4H 13K.I always complain about luck of runs supports since I was a child,but I rather deal with that than terrible pitching performance.

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