Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Congrats to well deserved Cleveland's CC Sabathia for AL Cy Young

When you look at all stats from Cleveland's CC Sabathia compare with Josh Beckett's, Sabathia is obvious choice for 2007 Cy Young except Josh Beckett pitch for "famous"Boston Red Sox.Of course,you can argue the difference between pitching in AL East and AL Center,but that is not as big as between AL and NL.Of course,post-season doesn't count as well.I am glad CC Sabathia to win it.But,If you ask Indians fans,coach staff and their front office,they probably rather choose to let him pitch less innings in regular season.CC Sabathia looked exhausted during post-season.This is the lesson yankees can learn from it.In my opinion,This is the same reason why Wang had historic terrible post-season.Of course,the amount of innings Wang pitched less than CC Sabathia's,but you have to remember 2007 is second full season for Wang.He will deal with this better next season.It's just me or what.I am so surprise at Wang didn't get a single vote even for third place.

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