Friday, November 9, 2007

Let's Go Taiwan!!(Taiwan beat S.Africa 16:1)

I am a baseball fan since junior high school.The reason??Of course,it is rooting crazily for my national team,Taiwan.I think this is quite different for most of American Yankees fan.You guys probably start becoming baseball fan because your dad bring you guys to Yankee stadium and probably rarely root or watch Team USA playing.I always awake up in the middle of night and try to root for Taiwan quietly,but I can't do it quietly because of excitement.'

It's quite nice for me to have upstoppable baseball schedule this year because it's quitely difficult for me during Yankees offseason.I was watching Taiwan playing with South Africa yesterday.Basically,my Taiwan team was killing young South Africa team.We have a southpaw pitcher called LIN, YING-CHIEH pitched 6IP 4H 2BB 10SO 1ER ball game and put on 17H 16R on 7 inning.This game was end at 7 inning because of more than 10 runs deficit.My Taiwanese team put up 5R(two homers) in the first inning and put up another 8R on the board in the 7th inning to pull this game away.

At some moment,I though I was watching New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay.During that period of time,I though about what should Yankees do this offseason.They may need to focus on more offense than defense(+pitching),but I change it back.I still think the priority for yankees this offseason is still defense(+pitching).It's nice to have nice offense,but I realize I enjoy and relax more in this game because of outstanding pitching and defense from my Taiwan team.

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