Saturday, December 15, 2007

Do right things,not fancy things.Stop being politicians

Well,obviously,Mitchell Report becomes the hottest topic this off-season.Are you one of them curious to know who is in this report?Do you feel frustrated at your favorite player on this list?Do you think no one is clear in this steroid area after this report?Me?How do I feel?I want to share two stories to you guys....

I was working at TV station and production company in Taiwan for 5 years.Making films or TV programs to audiences they like is my dream.I will keep going after this dream for my whole life.If I make it successfully,I want to improve film industry and sport environment in Taiwan.My mom doesn't like my job at all.I always have to work for ridiculous long hours without getting paid well.The most important thing for her is working environment at TV station and production company which is very complicated and is easy for people to get lost.You always have to have extremely great relationship with supervisors in order to get promotion.There are many people willing to do whatever they can in order to please supervisors,boss,clients and everyone.Tons of my coworkers have complicated relationship,endless night life,and bad habits,such as smoking,gambling,drinking and drug using.That's why she doesn't like it at all.Me???I still have to work that ridiculous long hours,but I don't have the rest of problems.Why I didn't get involved in all kinds of bad habits?That's easy.I keep my life simple and never join them.It just takes me much longer to get promotion.I show my mom I am still his little girl and nothing change.That's why she let me keep doing that.

If you are loyal readers for my blog,you probably know this story.I think I mention this story on my opening post.I am big baseball fan since I was a child.My favorite Taiwanese pro baseball team got caught by gamble scandal ten years ago.This team is no longer existed.A lot of players on that team got different sentences for that,including my favorite player.I was so frustrated at this event and felt betrayed by them.During the whole investigation,the government and police officers claimed to put their most efforts to clean this up.That was their purpose for this whole investigation.All they did is to catch players as many as they can.They didn't catch gangsters who try to control the outcome of game.Owners and government didn't do their best to improve baseball environment and players' life.Ten years later,we have another mini gamble scandal again in Taiwan and another pro baseball team may be disappear because of financial problem.Whose is fault?Government keep ignoring their responsibility to improve baseball environment and Owners only care their profits and control players as much as they can.They blame fans doesn't care Taiwanese pro baseball.

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