Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome back,Andy

I am so happy to be able to say this to Mo,Posada and then now Pettitte.I am glad to hear Andy Pettitte back.What a classy guy Andy is.No matter what kind of reasons change his mind,he did chose to come back when Yankees was in the most difficult situation.If Andy Pettitte were selfish person not treating team as priority,he would choose to come back when Yankees get Santana after giving up Hughes and Melky even Kennedy because he would be sure Yankee have excellent chance to get another ring.But,he didn't.He said he wanted to make sure Yankees knew they have him when they make up their plan for 2008 season.What a good guy!!!Why he chose to come back?Well,he got unstoppable calls from Jeter,Mo,Posada,Joe and mails or letters from fans.I am glad we did help you to make a decision,Andy.Welcome back,Andy.

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