Thursday, December 13, 2007

About Wang from a Taiwanese fan's standpoint

Pettitte is official back.During his conference call,Pettitte basically gives his support to his teamate Wang and calls him as ACE.He believe Yankees have ACE on Wang and Joba and whole pitching staff good enough to win.He knows Red Sox will be tough because they prove it on winning 2007,but disagree Yankees need Santana or Haren to success in 2008.I am with Pettitte with his.Baseball plays on the field,not on the paper.I have faith on Pettitte,Wang,Joba,Hughes,Mussina.Kennedy.

I don't care Wang is an ACE or not.I don't care how many wins Wang will have.I don't care Wang will win Cy Young or not.As a long time baseball fan from Asian,only thing we care is how hard you try and how much effort you put into from a player.Asian players treat this as pride.The only goal for them always will be do their best and win a champion for team.We don't have heroes here.We love them as a team.

I just can't stand so many people sell Wang short.For me,Wang is not good enough to be called an ACE.He still gets something to prove and improve for sure,but I disagree with that when someone says he is not an ACE because of low strike outs rate.I know most Taiwanese fans don't treat Wang as an ACE as well.We like him because his personality which represent our country.He is an humble and low-keyed person.He also works hard quietly.These are reasons we like him.For example,Wang works so hard this off-season.He reduces a lot of commercial activities in order to accomplish that.At the same time,he contributes a lot of time on charity events and even set a record for how much he help to get for a lot of organizations.A lot of charity activities he went media knew that after he had attended.

Taiwanese fans only hope Wang can keep pitching well without injury and win champion one day.Wang tells us the same goal every off-season.That's he hope not to get injury and able to pitch the whole season.At the same time,he tries to improve something every season.It's just amazing for me to hear so many changing their opinions and sell Wang short.

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